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EnergyOne’s Process Automation Tool, EnFlow, Gains Traction

With a lot of interest in workflow, process automation and AI in and around commodities, I was interested in getting an update from EnergyOne regarding its EnergyFlow software product – now called simply-  enFlow. enFlow is a configurable process automation tool that was built with energy commodities in mind by EnergyOne (parent company of Contigo and eZ-nergy).  The tool found initial success in the world of PPA’s, gas nominations and gas settlements where its ability to automate complex processes and calculations helped solve problems with manual processes and complex spreadsheets. More recently, it has also been deployed in a TSO environment at Lochard Energy, which  provides a storage service for gas in Australia and has deployed it to replace the numerous complex spreadsheets it used to manage the storage facility and multiple pipeline inputs, according to Brian Chung, Product Manager.

Interestingly, as a part of the Lochard Energy development, EnergyOne has worked on building a front end for the enFlow tool. The graphical dashboard UI provides at a glance all the information needed to monitor the operation, a variety of reports as well as an audit trail and rounds out enFlow into a true application in this instance, I was told. For Lochard Energy, the choice was a custom development or enFlow, said Brian. By going with enFlow, Lochard Energy has the option to automate other processes in the future as well as a faster implementation.

The UI will allow users to build graphical dashboards and screens. This will be available towards the end of 2020 I was informed. The tool uses classic drag and drop to build out the UI and is completely user configurable and when combined with the power of the back-end process automation functionality, enFlow is looking like a real contender to lead in this emerging software category. With half a dozen customers and a couple proven use cases, EnergyOne are hoping enFlow really takes off and will be utilizing it as a process automation add on with  their other software products like enTrader, for example.

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As I look at tools like enFlow, I can see so many opportunities for process automation tools like this. In fact, anywhere the business is forced to utilize complex spreadsheets and manual intervention, this tool can be used to build out a much better tool and approach. We will see how enFlow develops and how it is adopted by the market going forward.