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Enuit’s CPO focused on advanced technology deployment

Enuit’s Chief Product Officer, David Rao, is focused on several initiatives including work on delivering Entrade v7 and Entrade Unite. In terms of Entrade v7, the next major release of Entrade, it is based on the very latest technology, he told me. “We are engaged in microservices development and API definition, and the system will be faster, more light weight with increased scalability,” he said. Indeed, v7 will feature a web-based UI and allow flexible deployment to the cloud. It features restful API-based services for a variety of interfaces and mobile-based alerts and approvals as well as massively enhanced reporting and visualizations, David told me that it will include support for major BI providers as well. It will also facilitate the development of other advanced technologies to support its clients in the future. These will include RPA, machine learning and blockchain in areas like settlement and logistics.

Additionally, he is also working on delivering Entrade Unite, Enuit’s commodity management solution that shares the architecture of Entrade v.7. Enuit brought Unite to market back in 2019 to combine many aspects of a CTRM with critical aspects of an ERP solution and has continued to build onto its capabilities. Several new ERP functionalities have been added subsequently including areas like material and stock management, advanced activity tracking, an advanced accounting module and advanced customer profile management. David says that Entrade Unite is finding traction in ags and metals where some companies find that they can actually do without an ERP solution by using it.

Our customers expect Enuit to keep Entrade and Entrade Unite current and up to date.   It is therefore continually being enhanced and upgraded with new and important features and functions,” he said. “We make sure as well that migrating from one version to the next is painless.”  The solution set is certainly going to feature far more automation and workflow than in prior versions while offering all the benefits of the cloud and for Unite users, the creation of journal entries through the supply chain lifecycle will aid in running their businesses more smartly.

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Of course, Enuit is also hiring development staff to support these initiatives and recent hires have included a new UI person as well as expertise in other areas of technology.