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European Ags and Softs Demand Robust – Agiboo

Agiboo continues to increase the specific functionality in its Agiblocks software to support soft commodities, Mr. Jan Van Den Brom told us recently. The vendor has been very busy implementing it’s new sugar flagship client – and has managed to get them up and running in just two months from start to finish. In the meantime, they have recently signed a couple of smaller clients for Agiblocks as well and are seeing a good level of interest in systems across the Ags and Softs arena, although particularly in Sugar in Europe in advance of the end of quota management in the EU in 2017.

Mr. Van Den Brom also agreed with our recent blog article about lengthening sales cycles. He offered the view that it was a pretty good market for CTRM software in Europe right now, but that many of the opportunities were with the lower and mid tier of the market – those companies with 2-10 traders. He believes that the increased demand has less to do with regulatory and compliance needs and more to do with product availability. More solutions are now available at a lower entry cost. In particular, cloud-based deployments and products like Agiblocks and some of its competitors have resulted in shorter implementations because of the availability of specific commodity functionality for industries, leverage of new technologies as well as more flexible pricing for buyers of CTRM software.

While he sees increasing activity in sugar, he also saw a reduction in demand on the Cocoa side where industry consolidation has taken place. On Coffee, he sees the specialized coffee market growing with a lot more and smaller parties involved as well. He noted that Agiboo had recently added the all important sampling module to Agiblocks for this commodity in particular