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Fendahl Sees a Very Active Market

Fendahl has built up quite a backlog of sales and Henry Thornalley of Fendahl tells me that this will see it issue a number of significant announcements regarding new customers over the next several weeks. “The pipeline remains as strong and as full as it has ever been,” he told me, and he and Fendahl are hoping for a very strong year in 2022. In fact, Fendahl just yesterday announced that Novada Commodities had selected Fendahl’s Fusion CTRM Solution.

As that announcement states, “Novada carried out a highly competitive Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) system evaluation process. This extensive process resulted in the selection of Fendahl’s Fusion CTRM solution to meet Novada’s commodity risk management needs. Some of the key decision factors that resulted in this selection included:

  • Fendahl presented a close fit to Novada’s required functionality during the selection process. Fendahl also demonstrated extensive commodity trading and risk management expertise and a detailed knowledge of industry business best practices.
  • Fendahl was able to demonstrate a proven track record of success integrating with 3rd party systems, particularly Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.
  • Fendahl provided good references from existing clients, providing confidence in Fendahls’ ability to deliver and meet customer expectations.
  • The Fendahl Fusion solution takes advantage of a modern micro-services based architecture providing a highly adaptable, cloud native, low cost and high performance CTRM solution.
  • Fendahl offered a commercial structure that was closely aligned to a successful delivery.

Having concluded contractual negotiations in February, Fendahl and Novada are working towards a go live in late spring of this year.”

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Henry also told me that it is adding to its marketing staff over the coming months having made a hire just recently into a marketing role to help cope with the interest levels in the market. Things will be busy at Fendahl with implementation of new customers as well as responding to inquiries.