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I’m going to save you from being ripped off for $3500…you’re welcome


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Since the founding of Commodity Technology Advisory (and before that at our predecessor organization CommodityPoint) we have had the policy of providing our research reports free of charge, meaning that if you simply sign into our websites ( or, you can download, or view online, any of our reports. Instead of trying to capture revenues generated through sales of a document that would cost several thousand dollars to purchase, we offer research sponsors and advertisers the opportunity to get the widest possible exposure for their products and services in clearly marked and identified advertisements within those free-to-access reports. None of the sponsors or advertisers influence the outcome of our research in any way, but they definitely benefit from the expose their brands get from the ads and sponsor listings in the reports.

This is a unique model in the analyst space – one that we feel provides not only the best coverage of the market, but also ensures the highest value for those sponsors / advertisers by providing the widest possible distribution and most “eyeballs” for their investments. Instead of selling a few reports for $3000 or more a copy, we distribute literally thousands of downloads or on-line views to technology buyers, consultants, vendors, regulators and investors. Our model doesn’t make us rich, but it does provide the highest value possible to our clients and the industry as a whole. We’re proud of this model. It works for all involved and we don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. However, it does come with certain downsides…the biggest of which is that there are a few scurrilous individuals that will steal our work and try to pass it off as their own.

For some time, we have been aware of a certain company in particular (one that will not be unidentified here because “screw ’em” – I’m not giving them any free web traffic) that has for the last few years made a business out of copying publicly available research and reselling it for thousands of dollars. They claim to have global analyst coverage of every conceivable market, industry and technology, including ETRM / CTRM. In digging around, we’ve determined that this particular business operates under several different identities, portraying themselves as a document clearinghouse or a market research company or an analyst firm. At its core is an India-based business (with a US address as a front) that employs an untold number of individuals that spend their days downloading other analysts’ research off the web. They’ll add some superfluous boilerplated BS stolen from someone else, occasionally reword bits and pieces or change a few numbers here and there, and then repackage this “dog’s breakfast” for sale for thousands of dollars to the unsuspecting.

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In particular, our recent report, 2015-2020 Global CTRM Market Outlook, a heavily researched analysis and forecast that takes us hundreds of hours to develop, has been ripped-off, given this “treatment” and is currently available for $3500 for a single pdf copy. So, a little advice from us – DON’T BUY IT!!! Download the original analysis and report for free. Not only will you get that original analysis, you’ll know the qualifications and skills of the analysts that prepared it, and will save yourself $3500.

If you’re aware of this company that I’m referencing and have thought about buying one of their reports, do yourself a favor – contact them and ask to speak with the analyst or analysts who conducted the primary research. If they can connect you with someone, ask that individual or individuals what their experience is in the ETRM / CTRM markets, ask about their methodologies; see if they can answer industry specific questions without having to pause to read through what is supposedly their original works.

We’ve considered suing these people and I’m not saying that’s off the table. But, at the end of the day, we would hope that if someone is interested enough in this industry to spend $3500 on a report, they would also be willing to take a bit of time to Google around and find real experts that produce their own original research and analysis.

All this being said, I’m curious about who would even consider buying a report from these people. If you’re going to spend that much money, you need to have a particular purpose for doing it – none of this is light reading. So, on the off chance a reader of this blog is one of those individuals that is thinking of laying out a substantial amount of their company’s money for any “report” from this particular group, they need to ask themselves something…are you going to be able to defend the expenditure if your boss, or potentially even a board member if you are the boss, asks who these so-called analysts are and why they are qualified to expound on your market?