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Commodities Engineering Readies For Next Stage of Growth

It had been a while since we last spoke with Commodities Engineering and its CEO, Jerome Seguin. Jerome told us that 2021 (and into 2022) had been a year... continue reading

Talking precious metals with Harry Knott of Brady

Harry Knott says that Brady has been very active in metals and heavily involved in industrial customer projects with a focus on precious metals in recent months, particularly metals... continue reading

The Coming Shortfall in Battery Metals Could Have Dramatic Implications

The push to a lower carbon world will result in many challenges that will need both financial and technological innovation to solve. The move to electric vehicles (EVs) is a significant... continue reading

Datamine and MineMarket CTRM Targets Ores, Metals and other Bulk Commodity Markets

The space for CTRM and CM software for metals has gotten quite crowded of late, with several vendors adding significant metals capabilities including Enuit, Gen10, Amphora, Fendahl, and others... continue reading

Brady Fintrade Fast Start Gains Traction in Scrap and Recycling Industry

Fintrade from Brady  is a comprehensive commodity management solution that can cater for many different commodities from pre-trade activities all the way to and including financials. Most recently however,... continue reading

Risk Edge Innovating in Predictive Analytics with AI and ML

It had been quite a while since I had spoken with Nitin Gupta, founder & CEO of Risk Edge Solutions. Now like many others, in lockdown in India and... continue reading

Metals & Minerals CTRM – MINEMAN Has Market Share

In the coming weeks, I am going to feature some of the vendors that we don’t talk about as often as we would like. We track over 100 vendors... continue reading

Enuits’ Entrade – Addressing multiple commodities in a single platform

We have often heard from CTRM vendors touting their ability to handle multiple commodities and commodity types in a single platform, spanning from energies such as natural gas, hydrocarbon... continue reading

A Word with Brady PLC CEO – Carmen Carey

Brady PLC recently appointed Ms. Carmen Carey as CEO and I had the opportunity to talk with her and learn more about her background and approach to the role... continue reading

Concord Resources Rolling Out Gen10 Commodity Manager for Metals and Concentrates

A few months ago, after talking with Gen10, I wrote about the broadening choice in metals for CTRM. Recently, I got an update and learned that Gen10 has been... continue reading

Allegro Targets Metals, Raw Materials and Mining

A couple of weeks ago, Allegro announced its entry into the metals & mining space. Timed to coincide with LME week, the announcement rounded out a year of intense... continue reading

Metals Industry to Get More Optionality from CTRM: Introducing Gen10

Metals and metals concentrates are notoriously difficult to handle in a CTRM solution and the choice of CTRM software for concentrates has been relatively limited in this market for... continue reading

Commodities Engineering and Balsamo Ready to Take Off

What do you do if you work in the commodities trading business implementing CTRM for many years only to discover that each system has its own shortcomings? You start... continue reading

SAP’s Commodity Management Forum

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the SAP Commodity Management Forum in Heidelberg, Germany with around 70 other attendees. I was keen to get an update on SAP’s... continue reading

Scalable on a Roll

Just recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Mr. John Crew, Director at Scalable. Scalable has been delivering ERP solutions for the last 30-years across a wide... continue reading

Brady’s Fintrade Readied for Broader Commodity Markets

Last week, I caught up with Harry Knott, product marketing manager, at Brady to catch up on progress with the Fintrade product. A physical and financial trading and risk... continue reading

New Platform Targets Ferroalloys and Specialty Metals Trading

Last week, I had a call with Frank Jackel, founder of metalshub, to discuss this interesting initiative in more detail. According to its website, metalshub will provide a digital... continue reading

Traceability and Kobe Steel

I just posted a Reuters story regarding Kobe Steel. At first sight, this is a story of mismanagement, lack of corporate discipline and profits at any cost – in... continue reading

Is BlockChain the New Golden Bullet in Commodities Technology?

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin. In essence, Blockchain is a digital ledger that it is a permanent, tamper-proof, record of transactions. According to an article by GovTech Singapore,... continue reading

The Technologically Fabulous and Economically Challenged World of Rare Earth Metals

Perspective and point of reference is critical when making conversation.   For example, I recently picked up a pair of ultralight ear bud speakers at an airport kiosk and casually... continue reading

2016 CTRM Conference – Speaker Profile – Alex Shaw

Mr. Alex Shaw, Business Development Manager for the LME, will deliver a presentation on Warehousing & Beyond: Observations on the Global Commodity Financing Ecosystem. Given recent scandals around inventory in... continue reading