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Navitasoft is redirecting the focus to support prosumer communities and VPPs

Navitasoft, previously known as IP Systems, is shifting its focus, as I learned from Christoph Malzer, the recently appointed Business Development Manager. Although the company’s most popular software system, Operator Suite, designed for TSOs and DSOs, as well as Communication Suite and Trader Suite for portfolio management still form the basis for the company’s success, its plans are centred around a new product called the EMoT Ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the EMoT Ecosystem is to enable market access to consumer energy resources.

EMoT is the abbreviation for Energy Market of Things. This product is designed to collect the flexibility of prosumer resources and aggregate them into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), facilitating communication between VPPs and the market and grid operators. It can account for various distributed energy resources, from rooftop solar panels to batteries and EV chargers. The Aggregator – a part of EMoT – includes a database with all relevant data, bidirectional connections to system operators, optimization tools for flexibilities, and APIs for building or connecting third-party analytical tools.

However, the Aggregator is only the first step. To make the optimized microgrid transparent for all participants, it is essential to establish a settlement system that ensures fair distribution of costs and revenues among all prosumers. The Energy Community Settlement will address this challenge by monitoring the production and consumption of all participants and applying a transparent settlement algorithm.

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Market access for VPPs depends significantly on a country’s legislation, which varies considerably across Europe. Some countries, such as the UK and the Baltic States, are ahead of others, as Christoph Malzer informed me. This is where Navitasoft is seeking progress in implementing the market interface for EMoT to optimize distributed resources against market prices. EMoT is an open platform for a wide range of services for distributed flexibility devices. Partners developing have algorithms for forecasting, optimization of production and/or consumption can add their apps as a service into the EMoT frame. The company is exploring new partnerships in the field of AI tools for optimization as well as interfaces to system operators in different countries, which will be necessary for expansion into various new regions and markets.

Christoph believes that local flexibility markets will gain more attention and become the primary direction for the development of the power market in the future. This development will benefit all participants, from households to DSOs and traders. DSOs will benefit from higher network reliability and greater transparency regarding resource availability, individual prosumers from fair revenues and independence from utility supply, and traders from a broader range of tradable resources available on the markets.