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A Kilowatt for Your Thoughts…

“A kilowatt for your thoughts dear…”, said Jane Smith as her husband peered intently at a 3D holo-advertisement for the latest model of the Hover SUV 550.  John Smith waved for his wife to come see his dream vehicle.  “Look sweetheart, it’s only 500 kWh a month!” he exclaimed.  Rolling... continue reading

Allegro enjoys a successful 2016 despite a challenging market

I was in Dallas recently to meet with Allegro’s senior management team for a briefing on the company’s recent activities, their 2016 results and the outlook for the 2017. Reflecting on their 2016 results, Michael Hinton, Allegro’s chief customer officer & senior vice president of products and solutions, noted that... continue reading

Russia Engaged in Anti-Fracking Campaigns?

Hidden inside the recent report on Russian meddling in the US election is something rather interesting. In fact, it’s been hinted at for a couple of years and was even the subject of a Forbes article in which Continental Resources CEO said “Russia’s spent a great deal of money over... continue reading

Beacon – A cloud-based financial platform comprising trading and risk tools

Just before Christmas, I had a demonstration from a company called Beacon. The company was founded in early 2014 by Kirat Singh and Mark Higgins, both Technologists with a track record of delivering comprehensive trading technology platforms for banks like JPMorgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. Rather... continue reading

The Obama Administration’s parting shot at the bald eagle

As I’ve mentioned it this blog before, I enjoy getting out and shooting photographs of birds and wildlife.  In my hundreds of trips around south Texas and the Gulf Coast, I’ve been fortunate to have spotted a bald eagle on less than a half dozen occasions.  When I do see... continue reading

As we near the end of the year…

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, colleagues and industry friends the very best this holiday season and for the new year. Though the CTRM space has been a bit challenging for many this year, recent developments in the global markets do point to an... continue reading

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Outside my window is frosty, icy and really quite chilly. By 3:30pm, its dark. It is that time of the year again. The tree won’t go up until December 24th, as is the tradition here, and Jezicek (Jezicheck) will visit sometime before dinner the same day leaving presents under the... continue reading

Flipping Energy – Why Big Oil May Become the Next “Masters of Flip”

Flipping homes. It seems to be all the rage on TV these days. Flip or Flop. Flipping Las Vegas. Masters of Flip. You get the idea. While the concept of flipping (buying an existing home at a very low price, improving it, and then reselling it for a profit) isn’t... continue reading

Traceability Needs of Commodity Firms Growing

A story in today’s Financial Times highlights the growing need for traceability by commodity firms. Olam is under attack for both excessive deforestation in Africa and lack of visibility into its suppliers around its Palm Oil business while many of its competitors have committed to sustainable sourcing of the commodity.... continue reading

Barclays is getting out of energy trading

Reuters is reporting that Barclays, one of Britain’s largest banks, is existing the energy markets, joining others financial institutions such as RBS Sempra and Deutsche Bank who had previously given up on energy. Reuters notes one potentially significant impact of the closing of their energy business: The departure of Barclays... continue reading

The Amazon Cloud is Starting to Feel like Skynet

As more CTRM vendors and customers look at moving their systems into the cloud, its worth noting that Amazon Web Services (AWS) just wrapped-up their latest Amazon cloud conference, titled re:Invent, and announced a bunch of interesting “cloud stuff”. The event, covered nicely in a summary slideshow by Network World,... continue reading

Run Santa Run….. Contigo’s Email Campaign is Fun

As many people know, I am a marketer at heart and I take a lot of interest in the different tactics used by software vendors in the market to promote their wares and how that is changing through time. I have written several blogs about use of multimedia, outbound versus... continue reading

The Oil Price Dance

Am I the only one that seems a bit puzzled over oil prices? As the chances for an OPEC agreement on production oscillates between they will or they won’t, the oil price gyrates in step with sentiment on the outcome of the meeting. For everyone in the Commodities industries, higher... continue reading

Current Dislocation Event will Change the Vendor Landscape

As 2016 winds down to a close, we are beginning to see the undeniable signs of the ‘dislocation event’ that has been occurring for the last 12 to 18-months. What is a dislocation event? Well the model was devised over a decade ago by us and is explained in great... continue reading

Trains, Taxis and Dislocation Events

I spent the first part of this week at the SAP Commodity Management Forum in Heidelberg – of which – more next week. There were around 80 people attending and I was pleasantly surprised to find that group included a lot of old friends and colleagues. I was also quite... continue reading

The coming sea change in CTRM technology

We’ve been seeing it for some time now – the increasing momentum toward adoption of web-delivered and cloud-based CTRM.  We’ve written about it extensively (almost to the point of exhaustion), but it is clearly a trend that will ultimately transform CTRM technology and something like that can’t be ignored.  No... continue reading

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