Contigo Snap Survey Produces Interesting Results

UK-based, Europe-focused ETRM vendor, Contigo, just put out the results of a snap survey it did during March 2018. It got 56 responses and the results are very interesting.... continue reading

Give us Your Point of View!

As we head into the weekend, we still have two surveys going and are looking for responses. Each takes around 5 minutes to complete and each will result in... continue reading

Brady PLC Gets Focused

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the day with a team at Brady PLC headed by Ms. Libby Koehn, Chief Product Officer. It had been a while since... continue reading

The consolidation trend continues – Quorum buys Entero

Quorum announced late last week that they had purchased Calgary-based Entero.  As both companies have had considerable success in their respective markets – Quorum in the US E&P and... continue reading

Is the “era of regulation” over in Europe?

By Aviv Handler, ETR Advisory With the MiFID[1] II deadline now more than 3 months past (the rules started in 3rd January 2018), life seems to have become quieter... continue reading

Allegro announces the acquisition of FEA

Allegro announced this morning that they had acquired energy and commodity risk and analytics firm Financial Engineering Associates (FEA) from MSCI, who had previously bought FEA as part of... continue reading

It’s Noisy Out There – The Marcom Dilemma

Marketing and communications has always been a fascination for me and I have done my stint as a VP of marketing – a role I thoroughly enjoyed. That was... continue reading

Visiting with Openlink, now an ION Investment Group company

Now that the acquisition of Openlink by ION has closed, I visited with Openlink’s EVP & CMO Nancy Pearson, and Ken Knowles, EVP of strategy & business development, this... continue reading

5 Reasons Blockchain will be successful in the energy markets…and 5 reasons it will be a failure.

Blockchain is the hottest thing since Y2K.  Everyone is talking about it, many companies are investing in it and lots of tech companies have built-out huge practices dedicated to... continue reading

Thoughts on the Impacts of BREXIT by David Calmonson

I was never inclined to write a blog on Brexit, but in a very short missive from Gary the other day, when I said I owed him a blog,... continue reading

Intraday Solutions – A new subclass of ETRM

For many years, the German-speaking markets for power and gas from a vendor point of view anyway, seemed opaque. ComTech knew of a number of German-speaking vendors serving the... continue reading

Are You Feeling Lucky?

In the last – wait for it – 34-years of my career, I have often noticed that there are a lot of people in senior positions that quite honestly... continue reading

Oil Price Thoughts

After several years of regulation after regulation aimed at getting a handle on commodity markets and then going after market manipulation, it always amuses me that no one goes... continue reading

Traceability = Increased Profits

One of my routine search terms when looking at news is traceability. The ability to trace something back to its point of origin is increasingly important for a variety... continue reading

CTRM Ecosystems

Patrick and I like to develop themes for each year and back last year, our theme was CTRM as an Architecture. We kicked off the year with a white... continue reading

Will Blockchain Be the End of CTRM?

It’s difficult not to feel a sense of hype about blockchain – or more accurately distributed ledger technology. Everyday brings a bunch of new announcements regarding blockchain pilots, proof... continue reading