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2024 Vendor Perception Survey and Study

Every two years, we test your perceptions of the vendors and products in the CTRM and related software category. Unlike other surveys this one is all about YOUR views... continue reading

Industry Views and the Importance of Surveys

This year will see ComTech doing another Vendor Perception Study (VPS) to see how vendor’s are faring and what the users and consultants in the industry think of them.... continue reading

What is the place of nuclear technology in the future energy mix?

Discussions on how to reach net zero are running hot given that energy systems fully based on renewable power are not within reach in the next decades.  The reasons... continue reading

Revolutionary spirit of software vendors for energy transition at ENLIT

I recently attended ENLIT in Paris, and it was truly an exhilarating experience! The event gathered numerous innovative companies with smart ideas, demonstrating a revolutionary spirit driving the energy... continue reading

Slew of Impactful News…

Trigger warning – some non conformist view ahead…  I posted three Reuters stories to the news section today as it appears to be an interesting news day. The US... continue reading

Can offshore wind be the solution for UK’s Net Zero plan?

The focus on the energy transition towards a decarbonized world is presently the primary long-term trend in the energy industry. This trend is not only altering the technology behind... continue reading

Natural Gas CTRM starting to show strength

I recently caught up with John Decker, Enuit’s sales director for the Americas.  According to Mr. Decker, Enuit is seeing strong sales activities across multiple categories of commodities and,... continue reading

Amphora Passes the 25-year Mark

Given that CTRM as a true software category really emerged only post FERC636 in North America (and then initially as ETRM or energy trading and risk management), a vendor... continue reading

Software Solutions for Decarbonized Energy

Today, the energy industry is focused on achieving Net Zero emissions and a transition to renewable power production is taking central place. However, wind and solar power production exhibit... continue reading

Last Call – The Future of CTRM Software – Evolve or Die?

Our joint webinar with Commodities People and a panel of experts will take place this Thursday so if you haven’t yet registered, please do so now. We have a... continue reading

Energy One Posts Consistent and Positive Results

Energy One has issued its financial results for the year ending June 2023 and the results suggest that the company continues to grow and consolidate its acquisitions with a... continue reading

Innovation Driven by Change

With so many change drivers going on at once in our industry, one could be forgiven for having some despair – it is hard to take it all onboard... continue reading

STG and Energy One – A Deal in the Offing?

According to a disclosure on ASX, Energy One Ltd. has received a “confidential, indicative, incomplete, conditional and non-binding proposal from global investment firm STG” – owner of Quor. According... continue reading

Busy Summer in CTRM?

Historically, August is a dead month for ComTech in which we get some background work done like compiling the new Sourcebook and researching for new reports. This year, both... continue reading

Trilogy Rebrands and Refocuses after Acquisition

I recently caught up with Jeremy Frye, President at what was previously known as Trilogy Effective Software Solutions, and now as Trilogy Energy Solutions.  The name change and rebranding... continue reading

Water, CO2, Hydrogen – Alternatives to Batteries and a Hydrogen Future?

Usually, blogging on CTRMCenter involves a lot of material about software and market trends. All valuable and useful to many in the industry given the statistics for the website.... continue reading

The Biggest Website Omission Ever

This is undoubtedly one of those blogs I get to rewrite periodically and many will question it. Yet here we are again. I am constantly looking for new vendors... continue reading

SaaS and Services – Are Services About to Take Off?

As software as a service grows in popularity in energy and commodity trading and risk management, will other services also take off? For many years, GMSL basically ran a... continue reading

CTRM Boom Times?

Yesterday, I talked to an old colleague who now works for one of the major consultancy/SI firms. He told me that his firm had recently elevated it’s CTRM focus... continue reading

Where is Risk Headed?

Last year, we issued a report on trends in commodity risk. This year, I seem to have talked to no end of risk vendors and risk managers as well,... continue reading

Commodity and Currency Wars?

Reading Reuters or any other ‘mainstream’ media outlet promoting the prevailing western narrative, you would be hard pushed to figure that we are entering a new era. I happen... continue reading