Black Friday Blues

Most Americans will be returning today from a four day holiday. I recall from living there, that this was usually the longest vacation many Americans take and the contrast with Europe could not be greater where august is essentially a dead month as all Europeans head to the coast for a month. However, I digress. Over the last 11-years, the concept of black Friday has spread like the plague. What was something that was a purely American phenomenon is now truly global and has to rank as the worst ever US export. All weekend, nay, all week, my email inbox has been bombarded with ‘black Friday deals’. Well, you know what, I saved a packet this weekend because I didn’t shop or buy anything at all and every emailer that mentioned black Friday got unsubscribed.

However, it did strike me that perhaps the timing of black Friday is good for the world of CTRM too as its the fourth quarter when the pressure is on to make deals. Will we see black Friday offers next year from CTRM vendors I wonder?

The market has been pretty weak over the last couple of years and we have seen a decline in both market activity and overall annual revenues as a result. In recent months however, there does seem to have been a gear shift and many vendors are finally reporting more deals, fuller pipelines and activity. Hopefully, 2018 will see this recovery(?) continue as per our forecast. It would be good to see more overt marketing from the vendors as a sign that the recovery is underway (though not of the black Friday variety I hope!).  Of course, some vendors have found themselves benefiting from market conditions and Aspect is one that has had another good year to date.

AdvertisingPioneer CETRM Search

So it’s mid morning Monday here and the black Friday offers continue to roll in (and immediately out of) my inbox. I’m busy with two new research projects into disruptive technologies and also CEE region ETRM and hoping for white Christmas……

Update – apparently its cyber Monday….. the joy never ends…


What about you?

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