Interview Corner – The CTRMCenter Interviews Point To Technology Disruption

The CTRMCenter will often conduct short written interviews with people from around the industry. The interviews can be found in the Interview Corner section of the website under the Publications tab. In the last few weeks, we have had some truly insightful interviews on the general theme of the technology revolution that is currently underway in commodities. We have covered, for example, distributed ledger technologies and blockchain via an interview with Scott Riley of Kynetix, a company that has pioneered blockchain via its blockchain consortium. We also covered the attempt by Beacon to create a new type of CTRM solution in the cloud using the very latest technologies and concepts around cloud deployment, in memory calculations and so on. An interview with Amir Soufizadeh of BJSS explored the impacts of smart grid, intermittent renewable generation and the overall digital transformation taking place in the industry. The last interview delved more deeply into Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and how it is being utilized in the industry with Cyrus Dadachanji of Infosys.

What is crystal clear from these interviews and others like them that we have published – with several more on the technology theme planned, is that the industry is going though a very major technology shift – a digital transformation – and it is happening very quickly.

Some early signals from the market that bear this up probably include the sudden shift to CTRM in the cloud benefitting smaller and newer CTRM vendors and threatening to upend the status quo. Aspect in particular has benefitted and lost no time at all making its cost benefit arguments while trying to educate the marketplace about what cloud actually is (it is not screen scraping!). But as an analyst exposed to new vendors and initiatives all of the time, I am seeing a solid pattern emerging. Vendors want to tell us about how they are cloud, about their graphical and intuitive User Interfaces, their in memory risk calculations, use of distributed ledger technologies, Business Intelligence tools, AI, and machine learning. In Europe, I have learned about automated trading in spot power and gas markets and been told by experts that at least in intraday markets, the days of human traders may be numbered.

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Yes, the industry is undergoing a massive shift right now. If you want to stay abreast of how this is happening, why it is happening and where then CTRMCenter is a great place to start and Interview Corner a massive resource for you.

If you or your firm have something to tell us – arrange a telephone briefing with us and we may follow up with an interview for Interview Corner.

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