New CTRM On Your Xmas Shopping List? – You Have A World of Choice

The one thing that continues to amaze me is the increasing number of CTRM software solutions on the market. If you go to our online directory and search on CTRM and ETRM, you will pull up over 100 vendors – some with multiple solutions to offer you. They come in all shapes and sizes too from multi-commodity large scale solutions to highly focused, single commodity cloud offerings. And believe me when I say that each month we discover or are introduced to another new player in the space. The moral of this story if you are a buyer is this – if you only have a handful of names on your long list/short list and all of them rank in the top 10 in our vendor perception study then you have not done your research or you relied on an external consulting firm to do it for you.

While it is most certainly true that there are only a handful of CTRM vendors that have annual revenues in excess of $50 million and, one of these may well be the right solution for you, size means nothing. Look at Triple Point for the proof. Riding high just a couple of so years ago generating significant revenues and challenging OpenLink for size supremacy, it has more or less disappeared since its acquisition by Ion leaving a major wake of unsupported and unhappy customers behind it while its competitors gleefully pick the off as replacements one by one. Rumors are that Triple Point is back but Ion have a mountain to climb in terms of reassuring the market and as a company that rarely spends anything on marketing – that isn’t going to be easy to achieve though its recent investment in Aspect may be helpful. Anyway, my point is this – a smaller company that is super hungry for your business and has a super value proposition is worthwhile looking at as it may just have the best product for you and, in an increasingly uncertain world, its longevity and stability may be just as good as a larger vendor.

Really. Buyers are spoiled for choice in this market.


Not only do you have the big guys to chose from but you then have all of the regional and specialized players too. Increasingly, you now have ERP vendors and resellers building and marketing commodity-focused products from SAP on down. In the relatively recent past, we have seen the return of the players more focused on utilities and grids into the ETRM market place given some leeway by the growth in intraday trading. There have also been any number of focused cloud-based startups. This list doesn’t include the regional vendors – the ones that have been around a while steadily serving small regional markets like those here in the CEE region.

If you need some help navigating the 100+ vendors and solutions, ComTech can help you. Unlike consulting firms who are carrying staff with specific vendor/product skillsets (usually the larger vendors who have created an employment wake) and therefore can’t with hand on hear be vendor agnostic, ComTech is truly vendor agnostic. We cover all vendors whether or not they are clients for our services (the main difference is frequency of coverage really) and, as analysts, we remain vendor agnostic at all times. We have seen just about every solution out there and we know about all of the players in the space – its our job to. We don’t do software selection – we truly leave that to the consulting firms. However, we do perform long list generation aimed at giving you fair sight of all of the choice in this software market. We do this quickly and cost effectively to reduce your risk of making a poor decision. Contact us before you start the process.


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