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Shall We Meet?

The first 2022 edition of our innovative CTRMRadio podcast turned out to be timely as in it we address the future of events, information dissemination and networking in the... continue reading

Commodity Protectionism Drives More Volatility?

The surge in global prices for all types of commodities is having many effects from adding inflationary pressure to driving up energy and food bills. For companies like Goldman... continue reading

Talking Lacima Post-EEX Acquisition with Dr. Chris Strickland

On the back of the recent announcement that Lacima had been acquired by EEX, I talked with Dr. Chris Strickland to add some details to the announcement. The deal... continue reading

CTRM Costs Rising

Talking with several folk this new year one thing that is readily apparent is that the cost of building, implementing and supporting CTRM software is going up rapidly along... continue reading

CTRMCenter Sponsors New Podcast Miniseries on ETRM from Insider’s Guide to Energy

Many of you on the energy side of things will be listening to the excellent podcast – Insider’s Guide to Energy. For those of you that are still unfamiliar,... continue reading

Acquisitions and Investments

Perhaps missed in the run up to the holidays were two interesting announcements. The first involved the acquisition of Lacima by EEX and the second involved Dycotrade in which... continue reading

Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful holiday!

To all our friends and colleagues – ... continue reading

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Commodities?

Last summer, when we undertook the disruptive technology survey, we asked about investment plans and adoption of VR and AR. The view seemed to be that most felt that... continue reading

Virtual Reality Anyone?

I saw a press announcement on Monday in which GlobalData provided an estimate of a $51billion market for VR by 2030. Rupantar Guha, Associate Project Manager for the Thematic... continue reading

More on Risk

In a recent blog post titled Risk Management Software Should be Booming, I made the case for the emergence of two software classes in commodities – Commodities Advanced Risk... continue reading

When Will CTRM Procurement Approaches Change?

Periodically, we talk about procurement at ComTech. For example, we had a CTRMRadio podcast episode on it back a couple of years ago and we have written about it... continue reading

Brady’s All New Approach – A Conversation with Bernard Delahaye, CEO, Brady Technologies.

In August, Brady Technologies announced the appointment of its new CEO, Mr. Bernard Delahaye. Mr. Delahaye has an extensive background in trading software and commodities having held senior executive... continue reading

Risk Management Software Should be Booming

For quite a while, we have been suggesting that advanced risk analytics and enterprise risk management platforms should be benefiting from industry trends. It is a truism that many... continue reading

Another Round of Acquisitions in CTRM

Periodically, there are a round of acquisitions in the E/CTRM space. Today, Brady announced it was acquiring Igloo following on the heels of its acquisition of cRisk and I... continue reading

Critical Thinking in ETRM Implementation

I participated this week in what I though were two excellent panel discussions at Commodities People’s Energy Trading Week events.  The first panel was on Technological innovations in risk... continue reading

Energy One to Acquire EGSSIS

Belgian vendor EGSSIS is set to be acquired by Energy One according to papers filed with the ASX last Friday. Energy One is an Australia-based vendor that has in... continue reading

Europe’s Energy Crisis – Purely Political?

I have noted quite a lot of articles and comments on LinkedIn about Europe’s energy issues and most have a similar theme – it’s political! The fact is, there... continue reading

The Demise of Factual Commodities News?

Is the UK facing a perfect storm of high energy prices this winter? At the moment it looks that way. Not only is the wind not blowing and the... continue reading

Spreadsheets Revisited

Although it is now a little old, the work that we did back in 2015 on spreadsheets is always worth a revisit and still relevant. With so many new... continue reading

Energy One Puts Up Some Good Numbers

Energy One has issued its annual report for the financial year ending June 30, 2021. It was a good year for the group growing revenue by 35% and EBITDA... continue reading

Partnerships, Collaboration And CTRM

In recent weeks a number of new partnerships and collaborations have been informally announced via vendor blogs and social media. Recently, CTRM Cubed announced its partnership with Enegen and... continue reading