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DycoTrade’s CTRM Solution on MS Dynamics AX Platform Thriving

DycoTrade is a vendor that offers a CTRM solution built on the MS Dynamics AX platform. The company was formed as a result of a management buy-out of the... continue reading

In Search of That Elusive User!

Vendors and service providers spend significant amounts of time and money trying to connect with potential buyers, and sometimes users, of their software and services and to develop these... continue reading

Some takeaways and thoughts from the CTRM Conference

While things are relatively fresh in mind, here’s a few of the key takeaways I picked-up on at our CTRM Conference last week. The observations may not be entirely... continue reading

Tweet, Tweet

As we heard at the CTRM Conference last week, social media has a role to play in the commodities industry. The after lunch presentation delivered by Mr. Tim Buchanan,... continue reading

What’s Hiding in the Cornfield?

As I was doing a little online research this morning, I came across an amazing story on AgWeb. Apparently, there is so much corn planted these days in the... continue reading

Naked Selfies and CTRM in the Cloud

The very high profile release of a bunch of nude pictures of celebrities over the last few days has drawn a lot of attention to security vulnerabilities of the... continue reading

A Merry Go Round?

As anyone who follows football (the real football where they kick a round ball with their feet – well mostly anyway), yesterday was a big day. It was the... continue reading

Yeah, our vacations may not last all month, but we make the best of them

Though Gary may prefer the European version of vacations, I’d rather spend even just a couple of hours at this place, like I did this last Monday. Click the... continue reading

Europe is Closed for Holidays

Having spent now 7-years back in Europe after 17-years in Texas, I am slowly getting used to the idea that two weeks vacation is not just a must but... continue reading

E/CTRM Employment Trends – A Conversation with Carl Vellenoweth of EnRisk

Recently, I had a conversation with Carl Vellenoweth, Director of EnRisk Business Partners in London. EnRisk is a leading recruitment company focused on the ETRM and CTRM areas specifically.... continue reading

Quorum joins the CTRM Conference as a Platinum Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Quorum Business Solutions has joined the CTRM Conference as a Platinum sponsor. Quorum is the leading provider of software solutions and services to... continue reading

‘Magical’ Models and Tools Don’t Work for CTRM Software Category

The CTRM software market is and always has been extremely dynamic. For us, this is what keeps it a fascinating and constantly interesting place to work but for buyers... continue reading

Trayport Acquisition of Contigo Bearing Fruit

Recently, I caught up with Mr. Tim Rogers of Trayport Contigo. Tim is a recruit from Trayport who has been drafted in by the Trayport Contigo management team to... continue reading

Maybe the dumbest “news” article this year…

The Associated Press just released this “AP Investigation” article entitled “US sending ‘dirty’ coal overseas” and it is a stunning piece of work.  From the article authored by Dina Cappiello... continue reading

Silver Lake expands their energy software & ETRM portfolio

Quorum Business Solutions (Quorum) and Silver Lake Partners, a global private equity investment firm, announced that Silver Lake and its energy and innovation strategy arm, Kraftwerk, have agreed to... continue reading

Another CTRM Vendor Video Presentation

Back in April, we wrote a newsletter article about how multimedia and video was being used more and more in CTRM vendor marketing efforts. This morning, I had a... continue reading

Will Eka succeed Triple Point at the top of the CM market?

I’m sure any number of companies would like to emulate the success that Triple Point Technology (TPT) had in the 2008 to 2012 time frame. Around 2007, the company... continue reading

Summer Travels

So after what seems now to have been almost an eternity I am back from my travels. Taking in Barcelona and Budapest, I first set out to be a... continue reading

And so the War on Coal is fully engaged

The Obama administration’s EPA released their new rules covering coal fired power plant CO2 emissions this week and the administration is now fully in engaged in a battle to... continue reading

King Canute Is Back!

As a geology student, I was taught the law of uniformitarianism. Uniformitarianism is the assumption that the same natural laws and processes that operate in the Earth now have... continue reading

SAP and Commodity Management

A couple of weeks ago, Patrick and I had a briefing from SAP about its Commodity Management solution. We have been expecting SAP to enter the broader CTRM market... continue reading