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Inflation – The Next Shockwave in Commodities?

It has been quite a long time since we had inflation rates at over 5% in the USA yet, last month, the US inflation rate hit 5.4%, the highest... continue reading

European Short-Term Power Trading Solutions Update

It has been a while since we wrote about European short-term power solutions although, to be fair, we have created a couple of CTRMRadio podcasts on and around the... continue reading

European Summers Are Back?

Over the years, I have found myself writing articles around this time of year maligning the August slowdown in Europe while the entire continent vacations – often for up... continue reading

AR and Disruptive Technologies

A broad survey of disruptive technologies by Global Data suggests that AR or augmented reality is outpacing AI as the most disruptive technology emerging. It’s an interesting piece of... continue reading

Corruption and Commodities

Looking at Reuters commodities news this morning, I noted a story regarding one Kostyantin Zhevago who apparently embezzled some $133m from a bank that he was the ‘beneficial’ owner... continue reading

Are We Headed Down Folly Ave?

I’m a big believer in the power of imagination and always have been. I’m equally a believer in human ingenuity. Unfortunately, I find myself worrying more and more about... continue reading

Green Focus on Supply Chains and More

The recent announcement by Brady of a partnership with Carbonchain was a timely reminder that supply chains are a major focus for the push on the environment. In fact,... continue reading

Conferences, Panel Discussions and Trends

Last week, I had the pleasure of moderating two separate panel discussions around CTRM at Commodities people’s Commodity Trading Week . I was struck by the expertise of the... continue reading

Oil and the Activists

Reading an article by John Kemp at Reuters this morning about how it has been the poor performance of the oil majors in recent years and decades that have... continue reading

Two Major Trends in Commodities’ Software

Two current trends in CTRM/CM worthy of note are (1) an increasing interest and need in more advanced risk analytics than would usually be found integral to a CTRM... continue reading

Fendahl Looks Forward to an Exceptional Year

Fendahl still sees a lot of market activity ranging from sizable opportunities to much smaller ones where “some are not sure what it is they are looking for nor... continue reading

Topaz Technology’s Risk and Analytics Solution

The CTRM landscape remains one that is quite crowded with over 100 vendors and products on the market. Of course, at any one point in time, just a handful... continue reading

Instant CTRM Out of Box?

Over the last several months, I have had many conversations across the industry in which the complexity of CTRM has been a significant point of the discussion. In a... continue reading

OPINION – Just the News?

Is it just me or is it getting harder to get just the news? When I say the news, what I mean is factual coverage of newsworthy events in... continue reading

Operational Risks:Trade Financing Has A Systems Impact Say Gen10

A recent conversation with Richard Williamson and Bruce Tozer of Gen10 around the topic of operational risks for commodity firms highlighted a number of areas impacting firms at the... continue reading

Educating and Passing On Experience is Key Says Agiboo’s Jan van den Brom

Talking with Jan van den Brom of Agiboo is always interesting as he often has intriguing observations to impart. In recent months and years, conversations with Jan have often... continue reading

Still Asking For Input

We are still looking for your input into our disruptive technology research. If you have 5 minutes to spare, might you give us your opinions as to how technologies... continue reading

Agiboo Eyes Opportunities in Shifting Markets

“It’s busier than ever,” says Jan van den Brom of Agiboo. “We have won two new customers already this month and a nicely sized Swiss coffee company and our... continue reading

Talking Regs with Aviv Handler…

As Aviv Handler of ETR Advisory reminded me, it’s been 10-years already since all the new rules and regulations in commodity trading began to emerge. Time flies! “People are... continue reading

Datamine and MineMarket CTRM Targets Ores, Metals and other Bulk Commodity Markets

The space for CTRM and CM software for metals has gotten quite crowded of late, with several vendors adding significant metals capabilities including Enuit, Gen10, Amphora, Fendahl, and others... continue reading

Supercycle Talk Cools

Back in early February, I penned an article about the growing calls of a commodities supercycle and my skepticism. “I may well be wrong but I don’t see an... continue reading