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When it Comes to Support – There are Options

A while ago, I wrote a semi- off-topic blog on my frustrations with online support (at my bank and so on) and asked the question, is this what online... continue reading

New CTRM Vendors Emerging During Period of Transition

Having been deeply involved with ETRM, CTRM, and CM software since its inception, I have seen countless vendors and products come and go. Patrick and I must have seen... continue reading

Redditors, Robinhood, Google and CTRM

Recently, I wrote an article about the Redditors, Robinhood, and the impact on commodity firms. I also participated in a Commodities People webinar on the same topic. My thinking... continue reading

Have Your Say?

A few years ago, we looked at the role of disruptive technologies in commodities and issued a report on the topic. Back then, there was a lot of buzz... continue reading

It’s Silly Season Again…

Yes – it’s my annual post about awards. I just got an email from an associate editor at a US-based magazine informing me that ComTech had been identified by... continue reading

The Texas power meltdown…there is a story for every agenda.

The events of the last week in the Texas ERCOT market area have become fodder for every conceivable agenda, viewpoint, and argument, including political, environmental, and even cultural debates. ... continue reading

An Update from Tradesparent

We hadn’t had a briefing from Tradesparent in quite some time and, as I discovered, there was quite a bit to catch up with, not least of which was... continue reading

Perspectives on Disruptive Technologies in Commodities – Part 2

We continue today with the input from the CTRMCenter Thought leader panel’s view on disruptive technologies in CTRM and CM software. ComTech is looking at the role of technology... continue reading

Perspectives on Disruptive Technologies in Commodities – Part 1

If like us, you keep an eye on what is going on in the world of CTRM then you will have seen the constant reminders that technology is one... continue reading

Enuit Europe Strengthening Its’ Position to Respond to Growing Opportunities

Enuit announced that it had opened an office in London only at the beginning of 2019. The office is headed up by Ganesh Natarajan. Two years later, the vendor... continue reading

Commodity Super Cycle?

“Looking at the 2020s, we believe that similar structural forces to those which drove commodities in the 2000s could be at play,” Goldman argues. (“2021 Commodities Outlook: REVing up... continue reading

Change and Education in Commodity Trading

One thing that is more obvious each and every day is the interest in ecosystems as it relates to commodity trading, risk management, and supply chain software. In fact,... continue reading

The New World of Support?

Today, I’m going slightly off-topic, and yet it really isn’t. I want to talk about customer support. These days, a lot of support is provided in the following way.... continue reading

Not a Packaged Software Market?

Since my days at TransEnergy Management in the late 1990’s, I have made an argument (and repeated it periodically) that the CTRM software market is not a traditional packaged... continue reading

New Commodity Risk – Amateur Traders!

In recent months and weeks, we have talked about unprecedented change in and around commodities. With a 180 degree switch in US political direction, environmental and carbon issues are... continue reading

Gen10 Eyes Decarbonization Trends

The Biden administration’s recent actions represent a 180 degree turn by the USA on carbon. However, the juggernaut that is Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) has been traveling... continue reading

CTRMRadio – Trends in CTRM/CM in 2021

We have issued the first CTRMRadio podcast of 2021 and chose to look at trends in CTRM/CM software in 2021 to support our new white paper. In the podcast,... continue reading

3 Trends in CM/CTRM Software for 2021

We have issued a new ComTech white paper titled Three Trends of CM/CTRM Software for 2021 to kick off the year. The paper is as usual a free download... continue reading

Market Dislocations and the CTRM Software Category

In our book (published over a decade ago and now mostly well out of date) and many different papers and blogs over the years, Patrick and I have talked... continue reading

Brady Fintrade Fast Start Gains Traction in Scrap and Recycling Industry

Fintrade from Brady  is a comprehensive commodity management solution that can cater for many different commodities from pre-trade activities all the way to and including financials. Most recently however,... continue reading

And Now We Know…

As many people are forced to work from home, there has been quite a bit of discussion over whether or not this is a good thing, a bad thing... continue reading