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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….. Who is the Fairest of Them All?

During the summer, I got a string of emails from various ‘publications’ telling me ComTech had been selected as the best analyst firm in the industry and that if... continue reading

If It Can, It Will

I know Friday was the 13th in 2020 striking fear into the hearts of many a brave soul. For me, it passed routinely. Which is more than I can... continue reading

Enverus’ CurveBuilder – Raising the bar on forward curve development

As we’ve noted many times on this site in multiple blog posts and reports, data is both the lifeblood and a scourge for energy trading companies.  With new sources... continue reading

Commodity Management and CTRM – where is the Beef? Opinion

A few years ago, ComTech had a go at defining a variety of software categories including ‘Commodity Management’, ‘CTRM’ and ‘ERP for Commodities.’ Since then, with an increasing interest... continue reading

2020 Vendor Perception Study Report Now Available…

The 2020 Commodity Technology Advisory’s Vendor Perception Study is a biennial survey and analysis conducted to establish end-user and market influencer perceptions of the CTRM vendors, and to determine... continue reading

Virtual Trade Shows and Conferences….

So, I’m still not sure what to make of virtual trade shows. I miss the socializing and meeting people accidentally you haven’t seen in years. I miss the feedback... continue reading

Risk Edge Innovating in Predictive Analytics with AI and ML

It had been quite a while since I had spoken with Nitin Gupta, founder & CEO of Risk Edge Solutions. Now like many others, in lockdown in India and... continue reading

Agiboo Goes from Strength to Strength

Jan van den Brom has seen interest surge over the usually quiet summer months “Interest is up 300-400% through July and August’, he said. The demand is not just... continue reading

Is the Digital Nomad the Future CTRM Expert?

Periodically, I read articles about a new breed of independent workers who were fortunate enough to combine business with location and lifestyle called ‘digital nomads’. It wasn’t lost on... continue reading

Silly Season

It is that time of the year when we receive emails from various media outlets telling us its our ‘lucky day’. We have been selected as one of the... continue reading

Some Things Change – Some Thing Don’t

For Hugo Stappers at Pioneer, while much seems to be changing in the CTRM world, some things have not. Though he sees strong levels of demand and a solid... continue reading

Vendor Perception Survey – Buyers No Longer Value ‘Supplied by a Top Vendor’

I am still busy doing the analysis and writing up the Vendor Perception Report. We hope to issue it late next month and it will be a beast of... continue reading

Geopolitical Risks Rise?

It is easy to focus on the myriad of issues for commodities presented by COVID-19, lockdowns, supply issues and demand changes and forget that geopolitical issues remain a huge... continue reading

Post Shutdown Digitalization Benefits CTRM Vendors

One common theme we have heard almost universally in talking with CTRM vendors since March has been that surprisingly, the lockdown seems to have created more activity. Indeed, several... continue reading

Adapt2 – Expanding their (ETRM?) market reach

We recently had the opportunity to visit with Jason Kram, executive vice president of Adapt2, a Houston-based technology provider for North American power market players.  The firm was founded... continue reading

FIS Energy & Commodities Delivering Containerized Version of Aligne and SaaS Version of XDM

Irina Reitgruber, Product Manager at FIS, told me that “cloud conversations are very active and that there has been a mind shift in the energy sector regarding cloud deployment... continue reading

Aquilon continues to gain traction and is expanding their service lines

It has been about 9 months since we last caught up with Randy Wilson, CEO of Houston-based Aquilon, an innovative company that provides an invoice settlement/reconciliation platform called the... continue reading

Plethora of CTRM Deals Show CTRM Software Demand Remains Strong

Despite everything 2020 has thrown at us, we continue to see CTRM/CM vendor doing deals. Arriving back after a holiday, I found a couple of things in my email... continue reading

CTRM and Commodity Management

A couple of years ago now, we created a white paper looking at the future of CTRM – it was called CTRM as an Architecture and you can still... continue reading

Crunching the Numbers

I’m starting to do the analysis on the Vendor Perception Survey results where we experienced a record response – our thanks to all who participated. After eliminating incomplete responses,... continue reading

Procuring CTRM

The Request for Proposal (RFP), often following the Request for Information (RFI), has long been the key selling/buying document, depending on which way you look at things. The process... continue reading