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An interesting trend that we have observed in recent months and years is in the development of various development platforms that allow rapid development and deployment of applications and services by IT or end users of various levels of programming competency. This week, I had a demonstration of such a platform from AnyData Solutions, a London-based company with over 30 clients worldwide. AnyData offers the KwiqVis end-to-end Data Management & Analytics Application Development Platform that provides the ability, without any coding or scripting, to build from the ground up data driven end-to-end solutions. The company demonstrated its Contracts application developed on its platform. This allows users to transform complex data, contracts and compliance challenges into user friendly, intuitive solutions creating efficiency and empowering better reporting, decision-making & improved performance, according to the company.

Steve Hayward, co-founder and CIO conducted the demonstration and walked us through the comprehensive features of the application and platform. With extremely comprehensive fully configurable security features allowing just about any level of access at any level of data, the application can be run on any device. He demonstrated a number of quite complex dashboards displaying real time information both graphically and in text with complete drill-down capabilities. Almost every feature from the dashboard appearance, layout, level of drill down capability, how to query, exportability, ability to capture associated documents and so on were all ultimately configurable allowing users to quickly and easily construct what they wanted and access it without having any need for programing knowledge. Much was done using drag and drop.

Featuring a full and configurable audit trail, workflow and notifications, the application offered an incredibly powerful set of tools to manage contracts and compliance. Building applications like the one demonstrated on the framework was also relatively easy and extremely fast. AnyData claim to be able to build and deploy fully functional applications in days. Certainly, what I saw was impressive and state of the art. Such platforms are undoubtedly the future and ought to appeal to top tier firms who want to build internally or with a development partner in a flexible and rapid manner on a commercial base. The applications developed on the platform ought also to be of interest to those who typically wish to buy an off the shelf solution and rapidly deploy it.

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AnyData is in the process of targeting the commodities trading business with a specific emphasis on contract management and compliance and in the next four weeks or so are set to roll out new websites and applications targeting the business specifically. It will be interesting to see how they do and what interest levels they get but frankly, this and other similar tools I have seen recently will find traction in our industry. They are the next generation of application development and deployment that will save costs, time and risks.

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