Where Is The Discussion?

CTRMcenter is a highly visited website with more than 500 visits per day on average through the week. Some of the blog posts and articles are shared around the social media fora many times. All this is good. Plainly, we want CTRMCenter to be a widely read and respected website in the industry. However, as a regular contributor, the one question I want to ask is where is the discussion? If you go down to the very bottom of this post, you will see there is room for discussion and comments. You may also note that it is very rarely used. For those of you that may be a tad shy, there is a contact us function where you can ask a question privately. In earlier versions of the site, we even had a discussion board but removed it due to lack of discussion.

It’s actually a question I have asked in other contexts as well. I have blogged across a number of websites on different topics since around 2004 and have yet to see much interaction on any of them in terms of discussion and/or questions. Why is that? Why no comments or questions on the majority of the stories here and elsewhere?


The purpose of a blog like this is to educate, inform, and debate industry issues. I think we do very well on points 1 and 2 but I would like to see a bit more debate in the form of comments and interaction. Funnily enough, when someone shares one of our blogs to LinedIn or another social media platform, we do sometimes see quite a bit of comment and discussion. So maybe, its not easy to do on this site? If so, let us know.

While I can’t force people to interact, I certainly can encourage it. Sharing of opinions and insights can only make this site more interesting and informative after all.

What do you think? Comments below…

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