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Phlo Systems Ready opsPhlo for the Broader Commodity Management Software Market

I always enjoy getting a demo of CTRM and related software and, over the years, I think I have seen almost every solution available. So, I was pleased to... continue reading

AgFlow Has New Leadership as it Moves into Market Intelligence Provision

AgFlow has a new CEO as reported at the end of September. Sacha Prost now has the position and will lead the business going forward as Nabil Mseddi has... continue reading

E-world is coming….

I just booked my trip to Essen for E-World where I will be once again covering the vendors and whats hot…. E-world is back to a February slot this... continue reading

Welcome to 2024

A happy New Year to all of our readers at CTRMCenter – the place for everything CTRM and related! Please do us a favor this year and introduce your... continue reading

Looking back at 2023 with Enuit

I recently visited with Ken Han, CEO of Enuit and Ganesh Natarajan, COO, to find out their perspective on what has been an interesting year in the CTRM marketplace.... continue reading

Season’s Greetings from Commodity Technology Advisory LLC

Commodity Technology Advisory wishes our clients, friends and all their families our very best wishes for a happy holiday season and wonderful New Year.... continue reading

EnergyScan – A holistic suite of analytical data on energy and commodity markets

Consolidated energy and commodity market insights, analytics forecasts derived from AI tools, and up-to-date reports and news provided in one accessible platform and visualized in form of graphs and... continue reading

An Update on Brady’s PowerDesk Family of Solutions

I recently had a catch-up call with Chris Regan at Brady. It seems that much has transpired since we last spoke including a refreshed website and branding. I wanted... continue reading

What is the place of nuclear technology in the future energy mix?

Discussions on how to reach net zero are running hot given that energy systems fully based on renewable power are not within reach in the next decades.  The reasons... continue reading platform helps to create the data sets for AI and ML applications

Nowadays, applications of AI and ML are everywhere, spanning various industries from healthcare and finance to insurance, households (IoT), and energy applications. The training of AI models is inherently... continue reading

Amphora Looks back … and forwards … after a busy year.

David Glasspool of Amphora sees value in support outsourcing he told me after listening to the most recent CTRMRadio podcast however, he was quick to point out that Amphora’s... continue reading

Innovation Driven by Change

With so many change drivers going on at once in our industry, one could be forgiven for having some despair – it is hard to take it all onboard... continue reading

ETRMServices Continues to Expand

ETRMServices now has more than 135 people operating out of eight global offices in the US, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, India, and Singapore and it has grown to this... continue reading

WinRisk Thrives in UK’s Base Metals Commodities Markets

In a recent webinar appearance, I had mentioned that CTRM and related solutions often emerge from ‘five guys in a garage.’ So, as if to prove my point, I... continue reading

Revolutionary spirit of software vendors for energy transition at ENLIT

I recently attended ENLIT in Paris, and it was truly an exhilarating experience! The event gathered numerous innovative companies with smart ideas, demonstrating a revolutionary spirit driving the energy... continue reading

Agiboo Has a Vision for the Future

It’s always interesting to chat with Jan van den Brom over at Agiboo. With a long history of consulting and, over the last several years, providing software to the... continue reading

The Expertise Drain

There is no doubt that many in the commodities trading and risk management industry are now reaching retirement age and exiting the business talking their expertise with them. While... continue reading

Bidgely is Empowering Energy Companies to Achieve Decarbonization Progress Through Demand Response

As the energy industry advances toward decarbonization, the integration of innovative solutions becomes imperative for effectively managing the energy production mix, especially as renewable generation continues to claim a... continue reading

Igloo Thriving at Brady

I recently spoke with Mohammed Alanizi, Commercial Director, Brady Technologies. He had recently co-authored a white paper on the latest trends in ETRM that had caught my attention. Mohammed... continue reading

Slew of Impactful News…

Trigger warning – some non conformist view ahead…  I posted three Reuters stories to the news section today as it appears to be an interesting news day. The US... continue reading


Back a few years ago and 39 entire episodes ago, we started a podcast called CTRMRadio. I think we were innovators once again as I don’t believe there were... continue reading