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FIS sees hydrogen market ready for take-off

Hydrogen consistently garners attention in energy-related publications as a prospective substitute for fossil fuels, playing an indispensable role in achieving decarbonization goals. The technology for producing, transporting, and storing... continue reading

PPA Solutions by Pexapark – From Pricing to Life Cycle Management and Risk Reporting

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, an increasing number of investors are eager to embark on new projects involving the construction of wind or solar farms. Power... continue reading

Energy One Thriving in European Markets

Energy One continues to recruit against excellent demand for its products and services. Simon Wheeler, CEO – Europe, said that it had added more than 8 new staff in... continue reading

Loqsea Technology Set to Promote its Cloud-based platform for CTRM

Loqsea Technology Ltd got its start as so many software vendors do in commodity trading when an observant trader – Tomasz Rydzewski – noted that existing ETRM’s didn’t really... continue reading

Navitasoft is redirecting the focus to support prosumer communities and VPPs

Navitasoft, previously known as IP Systems, is shifting its focus, as I learned from Christoph Malzer, the recently appointed Business Development Manager. Although the company’s most popular software system,... continue reading

Ventriks Takes Off

Richard Quigley says that Ventriks is seeing lots of sales activity and opportunity at the moment and that his new brainchild, in the arena of data management, is well... continue reading

New UI for Trinity and Fintrade as Quor Polishes its Metals Software Assets

Quor, now headed by CEO Steve Hughes, is working steadily on its product set. Having basically integrated Aquarius concentrates and raw materials functionality into Fintrade, that is now represented... continue reading

Can offshore wind be the solution for UK’s Net Zero plan?

The focus on the energy transition towards a decarbonized world is presently the primary long-term trend in the energy industry. This trend is not only altering the technology behind... continue reading

Natural Gas CTRM starting to show strength

I recently caught up with John Decker, Enuit’s sales director for the Americas.  According to Mr. Decker, Enuit is seeing strong sales activities across multiple categories of commodities and,... continue reading

enspired is looking for new horizons

enspired occupies a unique position within the energy market. The company provides trading services including the commercial optimization of power assets, implementing data-driven and fully automated trading strategies to... continue reading

Energy One – STG Deal Off?

We reported recently on the potential acquisition of Energy One by STG based on information posted by Energy One at the Australian Stock Exchange. In the last couple of... continue reading

Busy Times

We just recently released the new CTRM Sourcebook and it is now available on this site for free download to aid you in your next software selection project. This... continue reading is on the top of market as power markets move to more renewable energy

The cQuant energy analytics platform offers advanced analytical solutions tailored for modern energy portfolios. The primary focus of the company centers on optimization and analytics for complex portfolios comprising... continue reading

When Will CTRM Procurement Approach Change – Revisited

I was reminded last week that recycling blog topics every now and then isn’t a bad idea as there are new people coming into the business all of the... continue reading

Amphora Passes the 25-year Mark

Given that CTRM as a true software category really emerged only post FERC636 in North America (and then initially as ETRM or energy trading and risk management), a vendor... continue reading

Open Climate Fix forecasting on an upward trajectory

Open Climate Fix is a young company based in the UK, specializing in solar production forecasting through the application of AI models with their flagship product, These forecasts... continue reading

ENEGEN is ready for opening the wholesale market for prosumers in UK

ENEGEN Power Systems is a UK-based company that offers a diverse range of software tools designed for the UK wholesale and balancing markets. These tools encompass a spectrum of... continue reading

Amphora Readies Major New Upgrade

Amphora is readying a major new release in v3.7.0, David Glasspool told me last week. “Development and QA are now complete and it’s rolling out to the first client... continue reading

Fendahl Sees Very Active Market

I recently had a catch-up call with Fendahl’s Henry Thornalley. He told me just how busy the last few months have been for the company – so much so... continue reading

HAKOM Time Series pivoting its business focus towards new decarbonized energy world.

In our rapidly transitioning world towards a decarbonized energy landscape, numerous well-established software vendors are reevaluating their strategies to align with the evolving needs of market participants. Trends like... continue reading

Visionary changing the future of distribution grids

Visionary, as a startup, belongs the group of companies playing a crucial role in supporting the energy transition by facilitating the modernization of distribution grids. The path to a... continue reading