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2023 CTRM Sourcebook

Patrick and I have finalised the vendor materials for the 2023 CTRM Sourcebook and have been distributing them to vendors who may wish to list as well as consultancy... continue reading

SAP Update on its Commodity Management Business

I recently had a briefing from the SAP Commodity Management solution management team led by VP, Anja Strothkaemper – the first update in over a year. There was a... continue reading

Water, CO2, Hydrogen – Alternatives to Batteries and a Hydrogen Future?

Usually, blogging on CTRMCenter involves a lot of material about software and market trends. All valuable and useful to many in the industry given the statistics for the website.... continue reading

Energy One’s European Operations Growing on the Back of SaaS and Managed Services

Simon Wheeler is happy with progress at Energy One citing a ‘really busy year, a terrific E-World and the general increase in activity in the market’. To emphasize that,... continue reading

DSFlow Doubles Installed Base in 6-months – Ready for Broader Market.

Recently, I spoke with Alex de Choulot, co-founder, and CEO of DSFlow, to catch up with how things were going for the new vendor. DSFlow has expanded its customer... continue reading

Amphora has a strong start to 2023

David Glasspool at Amphora says he has been ‘flat out’ since mid-February dealing with business development opportunities. Amphora has already gained two new customers in 2023 including a refiner... continue reading

Market Sweeps

If you are looking for a CTRM solution then ComTech can help. As the leading analysts in the space with almost 30-years in the CTRM space per partner, and... continue reading

Enuit India Reaches 25+ Staff and Sees Local Opportunities

Enuit recently set up an Indian entity with a focus on services. Kumar Manickam runs that entity for Enuit and I spoke with him recently to discover more about... continue reading

Value Creed Looks to Europe

I recently bumped into Value Creed, a CTRM-focused consultancy and services firm, at E-World. This was a bit of a surprise as I was not aware that the company... continue reading

The Biggest Website Omission Ever

This is undoubtedly one of those blogs I get to rewrite periodically and many will question it. Yet here we are again. I am constantly looking for new vendors... continue reading

Datapred Targets Energy Procurers with SaaS Solution

It strikes me as an analyst in the space that energy procurement activities at large industrials and other energy-intensive firms are overdue a specific solution. Yes, they could use... continue reading Sets Sights on European Energy Markets is a seven-year-old company that provides what CEO, David Leevan, calls “robust simulation-based analysis of assets, contracts, portfolios and more.” He describes it as a “PhD and quant-driven... continue reading

Brady Technologies Sees Good Traction for Igloo SaaS ETRM

Brady Technologies acquired Igloo in 2021 as a part of its stated focus on technology to enable the energy transition. Since then, the Igloo team has grown extensively and... continue reading

SaaS and Services – Are Services About to Take Off?

As software as a service grows in popularity in energy and commodity trading and risk management, will other services also take off? For many years, GMSL basically ran a... continue reading

Visit E-World With Me?

When I visited E-World last week, I took my camera and recorded relevant aspects of the tradeshow and got some quick soundbites from various vendors…. join me as I... continue reading

CTRM Cubed – The Toyota of ETRM?

CTRM Cubed continues to add new users and build out the platform, says Simon Piercy, CEO. The vendor, and its SaaS CTRM platform, TradeCube, has gained traction within its... continue reading

E-World Extremely Busy

I spent yesterday at E-World in Essen only returning home this afternoon. Yesterday was the first day of E-World and it was absolutely mobbed! There were far more people... continue reading

Catching up with Ken Han, CEO of Enuit

I recently had the opportunity to catch-up with Ken Han, CEO of Enuit to get his views on current market developments and his company’s activities. According to Mr. Han,... continue reading

Orchestrade Powers into Energy on the back of Performance and Scalability

A week or so ago, I caught up with Dale Emmerson of Orchestrade. He was keen to tell me how things were going, and how they had achieved an... continue reading

ComTech Advisory Kicks off new Metals CTRM Study

Part of our 2023 research program is now official and it will be to take a deeper dive in to CTRM for metals. All of our research studies are... continue reading

E-World Cometh….

Here in Europe, there is a growing buzz of anticipation around E-World, which this year anyway, is in late May as opposed to its more normal (and freezing cold)... continue reading