Openlink announces they are being acquired by ION

This afternoon, Openlink issued a press release announcing that they are being acquired by ION Investment Group.  Though the announcement wasn’t necessarily unexpected (see our earlier blog post here),... continue reading

Structural Change and Impacts on CTRM

One of the trends that ComTech is advising clients around is the structural change in the industry. Today’s Reuter’s story shows that this change continues unabated as commodity volatilities... continue reading

And now it’s Amphora…

Its a busy time for CTRM mergers, acquisitions and divestitures…. In just the last couple of months, we’ve had 1) ION buying Aspect and a strong rumor that they... continue reading

An Analysts Take on Brady’s Divestiture of It’s US Recycling Business

There was interesting news this morning through financial market sources that Brady has sold it US recycling business to AMCS Group for up to 4.6m GBP. According to these... continue reading

A Belated Happy New Year

I know we have already gone past Blue Monday* but Happy New Year to all my readers out there (OK –  both of you then). I hadn’t heard of... continue reading

Generation10 Delivering Application Ecosystem for Commodity Supply Chains

Just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to visit with Generation 10. As luck would have it, they also invited me to their Christmas night out! Generation 10’s innovation... continue reading

SAP Integration High on User’s Wanted List Says Agiboo

Recently, I caught up with CTRM Thought Leader Mr. Jan van den Brom of Agiboo. He told me that Agiboo had gained quite a few new clients in softs... continue reading

Rumor has it that ION is making a big move in CTRM

Rumors have been flying for the last couple of weeks that Dublin-based ION Investments Group is about to acquire one of the largest CTRM vendors. Though a name is... continue reading

Disruptive Technology

Just a reminder, we’re currently working on a research effort looking at the impacts of disruptive new technologies in the CTRM space.  If you are a ETRM/CTRM user, provider... continue reading

Water, Water Everywhere but Not A Drop to Drink

This afternoon, I was catching up with one of our CTRM Thought Leaders – Jan van den Brom of Agiboo – when we got on to an interesting topic.... continue reading

More Climate Change Lunacy

Climate change, as any non-politically inclined geologist will tell you, is a naturally occurring phenomena of a living planet Earth. The climate has changed and relative sea levels risen... continue reading

Catching Up With Blacklight Systems

Just before the Christmas holidays, I talked with David Edwards, Managing Director, of BlackLight Systems. BlackLight Systems claims to be the first commodity trading and risk system to be... continue reading

ComTech to Participate in Risk webinar

I’ll be participating in a webinar on January 31st with Lacima on risk. The title of the webinar is Solutions for valuation challenges for traders. Consistency with risk. Recent... continue reading

Give us your Opinion?

People like to read industry research and check the opinions of their peers. Perhaps they do not enjoy so much filling out online surveys! However, unless the latter gets... continue reading

Happy New Year – What Does 2018 Have in Store?

Towards the end of 2017, there were indications that things were beginning to pick up a bit. We expect that to continue with CTRM in the cloud being the... continue reading

I’m changing my name to Blocky Blockchain

In the surest sign that blockchain madness has consumed the markets, Long Island Iced Tea Company announced yesterday that they were changing their name to Long Blockchain Corporation and... continue reading