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OpenLink leverages Tableau for improved data visualization

Data visualization is increasingly a “must-have” for trading organizations, particularly those that are engaged in multiple markets and actively trading large volumes of both financial and physical commodities.  With... continue reading

What About the Cost of Procuring CTRM?

One of the takeaways from the CTRM Conference was the need to obtain value from every dollar (or Euro) of spend on software and technology. A lot of the... continue reading

REMIT Emerges – The Rise of Transaction Surveillance in the Energy Industry

Introduction In a world of ever increasing globalisation, markets which were once discrete have become increasingly interlinked and none more so than the wholesale energy markets within Europe. In... continue reading

CTRMCenter Software and Services Directory Enhanced

Commodity Technology Advisory is continually working on upgrading and enhancing CTRMCenter. As a part of that effort, we are pleased to announce that we have introduced some enhancements to... continue reading

An Update on the Trilogy acquisition of SNG

Gary and I had the chance to visit with Dick Couron, CEO of Trilogy Effective Software Solutions, a few days ago to find out more about the company’s acquisition... continue reading

DycoTrade’s CTRM Solution on MS Dynamics AX Platform Thriving

DycoTrade is a vendor that offers a CTRM solution built on the MS Dynamics AX platform. The company was formed as a result of a management buy-out of the... continue reading

An update from SunGard Energy

I visited with the SunGard executive team recently to get an update on the company’s latest developments and activities. Andrew Bateman, the group’s president, indicated their flagship CTRM product,... continue reading

A Conversation with Mr. Bart Kroon, CEO of AGIBOO

I recently caught up with AGIBOO CEO Mr. Bart Kroon. Mr. Kroon joined AGIBOO as CEO earlier this year, and has a trading background, having held a number of... continue reading

In Search of That Elusive User!

Vendors and service providers spend significant amounts of time and money trying to connect with potential buyers, and sometimes users, of their software and services and to develop these... continue reading

October CTRM Recruitment Trends with Carl Vellenoweth

Post CTRM Conference Feedback In this months article, I would like to echo some of the topics mentioned at this years CTRM Conference in London, which I must say... continue reading

News we missed – Trilogy buys SNG from OpenLink

A little late to the game here, but according to a post on LinkedIn by Jeremy Frye, President of Trilogy Effective Software Solutions, the company has purchased OpenLink’s SNG... continue reading

Catching up with DataGenic in the Americas

DataGenic, the European headquartered data management and analytics firm, recently made the announcement that they are expanding their market footprint by building out a North American presence. In that... continue reading

Spreadsheets in Trading – Please Take Our Survey

We are undertaking research into the use of spreadsheets in commodity trading. Right now we are very keen on more responses in the Ags, Softs and metals areas. The... continue reading

CTRM Conference Images

For those of you who haven’t seen them, we have posted a gallery of downloadable images at the Conference website. The CTRM Conference was held in London on October 2nd,... continue reading

Some takeaways and thoughts from the CTRM Conference

While things are relatively fresh in mind, here’s a few of the key takeaways I picked-up on at our CTRM Conference last week. The observations may not be entirely... continue reading

Tweet, Tweet

As we heard at the CTRM Conference last week, social media has a role to play in the commodities industry. The after lunch presentation delivered by Mr. Tim Buchanan,... continue reading

CTRM Conference Success

Just back from London where I am happy to say the CTRM Conference was a resounding success with around 120 attendees, some really wonderful presenters and some great discussion.... continue reading

London Calling

Today and tomorrow, the Commodity Technology Advisory LLC team will be headed to London from various destinations on both sides of the Atlantic. Our destination is the first ever... continue reading

Shellshocked, Let’s Hope Not – Bash Bug

As you by now may have heard, a major flaw has just been exposed that will potentially affect up to half a billion machines worldwide. As IT people scramble... continue reading

Are oil and gas prices nearing a tipping point?

The boom in oil and gas production from shale has been remarkable, with production gains measured in the millions of barrels of oil and tens of BCF of natural... continue reading

New Commodity Risk Management Vendor Sponsors CTRM Conference

In a number of articles recently, ComTech has talked about new E/CTRM vendors coming to our attention – 3-4 this year so far. One to to do so recently... continue reading