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Predictive analytics

FIS sees momentum for Market Data Analyzer – Energy Edition

Data management is increasingly critical for energy and commodities companies as the datasets they must handle are expanding rapidly. Recently, I engaged in a discussion with Harshad Kolpyakwar, Head... continue reading

KYOS Analytical Platform supporting transition to clean energy.

Recently, I had the pleasure of conversing with a senior consultant at KYOS, a company that offers a range of analytical software tools and services. When examining the breadth... continue reading

Fusebox is confident in the future of VPP – as – a – Service.

What is VPP, and why will it have a significant impact on software products for the energy industry? One of the broadest definitions states that a Virtual Power Plant... continue reading

EnergyScan – A holistic suite of analytical data on energy and commodity markets

Consolidated energy and commodity market insights, analytics forecasts derived from AI tools, and up-to-date reports and news provided in one accessible platform and visualized in form of graphs and... continue reading

BlueGen.ai platform helps to create the data sets for AI and ML applications

Nowadays, applications of AI and ML are everywhere, spanning various industries from healthcare and finance to insurance, households (IoT), and energy applications. The training of AI models is inherently... continue reading

PPA Solutions by Pexapark – From Pricing to Life Cycle Management and Risk Reporting

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, an increasing number of investors are eager to embark on new projects involving the construction of wind or solar farms. Power... continue reading

Navitasoft is redirecting the focus to support prosumer communities and VPPs

Navitasoft, previously known as IP Systems, is shifting its focus, as I learned from Christoph Malzer, the recently appointed Business Development Manager. Although the company’s most popular software system,... continue reading

cQuant.io is on the top of market as power markets move to more renewable energy

The cQuant energy analytics platform offers advanced analytical solutions tailored for modern energy portfolios. The primary focus of the company centers on optimization and analytics for complex portfolios comprising... continue reading

Open Climate Fix forecasting on an upward trajectory

Open Climate Fix is a young company based in the UK, specializing in solar production forecasting through the application of AI models with their flagship product, quartz.solar. These forecasts... continue reading

Software Solutions for Decarbonized Energy

Today, the energy industry is focused on achieving Net Zero emissions and a transition to renewable power production is taking central place. However, wind and solar power production exhibit... continue reading