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The cQuant energy analytics platform offers advanced analytical solutions tailored for modern energy portfolios. The primary focus of the company centers on optimization and analytics for complex portfolios comprising diverse asset types, consumers, and energy markets.

The energy industry has always required a variety of analytical tools, but with the rapid development of renewable energy, the role of such tools becomes even more vital. One significant business case pertains to consumers, including large industries and even entire municipalities, seeking to ensure that up to 100% of their energy is coming from renewable sources. The substantial uncertainty in renewable energy production necessitates forecasting, scenario simulation, and optimization. This begins with an analysis of the required investments for such assets as battery storage and extends to the analysis of possible power purchase agreements (PPAs) to identify the most beneficial ones. It continues in day-to-day optimization of the flexibilities within their portfolio. This is precisely where cQuant can provide support across every stage of the process. Among different types of customers such as merchant asset owners, renewable developers and corporate clients there are those using the software to manage their 100% renewable energy procurement.

Another critical business case relates to more traditional utility companies. While forecasting and optimization have always been components of their operations, the shift towards renewable energy is redirecting their focus toward structural contracts (PPAs) and accounting for uncertainties in renewable energy production. Additionally, new asset types like batteries and RECs trading schemes are coming into play. Utilities and traders are increasingly exposed to price uncertainties due to the growing share of renewables in the energy mix. Demand response capabilities are still insufficient to offset overproduction from solar and wind during peak production times, leading to market price drops. As the CEO of cQuant, David Leevan puts it, “the more uncertainty and volatility there is in the market, the more support cQuant can provide to the market participants.”

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cQuant ‘s typical business involves providing analytics which is often integrated with Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems, as these systems frequently lack comprehensive analytical capabilities for structural contracts or new types of assets. However, for customers like community aggregators supplying municipalities or owners of merchant assets, CQuant often serves as the central position management system from which they derive their market strategies. Although there are currently not many requests for micro-grid portfolio optimization, the growing need for behind-the-meter portfolio management may open up an additional customer segment for cQuant in the future.