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CIO Article Asks Traceability Questions

I just found an interesting article in CIO magazine for December that although its a sponsored article, asks some interesting questions about ERP systems in the Food and Beverage space. Food and beverage manufacturers are facing tougher challenges than ever before. Massive food recalls have led to an unquenchable demand... continue reading

Traceability May Be The Hot Issue For 2017

Traceability is rapidly becoming or is already a major issue for many commodities. The widely accepted definition of traceability from the International Organization for Standards (ISO) is as follows, “The ability to identify and trace the history, distribution, location and application of products, parts and materials, to ensure the reliability... continue reading

The Obama Administration’s parting shot at the bald eagle

As I’ve mentioned it this blog before, I enjoy getting out and shooting photographs of birds and wildlife.  In my hundreds of trips around south Texas and the Gulf Coast, I’ve been fortunate to have spotted a bald eagle on less than a half dozen occasions.  When I do see... continue reading

Trade Facilitation & Enforcement Act Highlights Significant Supply Chain Risks

After our blog regarding Traceability yesterday, I was alerted to the National Coffee Association who have highlighted the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act as a significant supply chain risk for the Coffee Industry and calls it ‘uncharted territory’ for importers. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently detained the first... continue reading

New and Updated REMIT Report Issued

There are now less than 3 weeks to go until “phase 2” REMIT reporting starts. On February 16th ACER held a public workshop, whilst simultaneously releasing new versions of a number of documents, filling in some major gaps that had existed for months beforehand. Never the less there are still... continue reading

Shifting Markets and Impacts Discussion

The market for CTRM software is not homogenous and consists of a number of overlapping markets identified by commodity group, geography and industry niche. For example, a generator in Florida will likely have a different set of needs than a rubber producer in Asia. In the past, we have looked... continue reading

SunGard Adaptiv Eyes Regulatory Changes in Energy and Commodities

Last week, I took a briefing from SunGard regarding its Adaptiv software product line. The software was originally designed for the capital markets that are already highly regulated and already fall under regulations such as MiFiD. With an eye of MiFiD2 and CRD IV impacting energy and commodity trading in... continue reading

Commodity Prices Dive But CTRM Software Sales Steady

Every day I select a bunch of news articles for posting on here on CTRMCenter and in recent days the theme of these has become increasingly obvious – Commodity prices are crashing hammered by a variety of factors ranging from over supply, weakened Asian demand, stronger US Dollar, The Iran... continue reading

New REMIT Report Available

Today, we have released the REMIT report (European Regulations – REMIT Reporting Services and Solutions) kindly sponsored by REGIS TR and Sapient Global Markets. The report was primarily authored by Aviv Handler of ETR Advisory in conjunction with ourselves and, as usual, it is totally free to download. You will... continue reading

Regulatory update – are we nearly done yet?

By Aviv Handler It is over a year since trade reporting under EMIR started, requiring any entity trading derivatives to report them daily to authorised Trade Repositories. This process was fraught with issues, and even now there is a distinct lack of clarity over how commodity derivatives are to be... continue reading

Enerknol – Energy regulatory data streaming from the cloud

I had the chance yesterday to visit with David Klien, head of a new data offerings from EnerKnol, a company who is described on their website as providing “U.S. energy policy research and data services to support investment decisions across all sectors of the energy industry.”  Enerknol will soon be... continue reading

Trayport Contigo ETRM / CTRM
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