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Risk Management

Spreadsheets Revisited

Although it is now a little old, the work that we did back in 2015 on spreadsheets is always worth a revisit and still relevant. With so many new... continue reading

Corruption and Commodities

Looking at Reuters commodities news this morning, I noted a story regarding one Kostyantin Zhevago who apparently embezzled some $133m from a bank that he was the ‘beneficial’ owner... continue reading

Reddit-onomics Webinar

Next week, I will be a panelist on a CommoditiePeople webinar titled Reddit-onomics – Impact on Commodity Trading. It should be fun and if you’d like to join us,... continue reading

Quantifi – Growing Success in Commodities

We recently visited with the team at Quantifi, including Sachvir Cheema, Director of Business Development, to get a briefing and a demo covering the firm’s activities and solutions in... continue reading

New Commodity Risk – Amateur Traders!

In recent months and weeks, we have talked about unprecedented change in and around commodities. With a 180 degree switch in US political direction, environmental and carbon issues are... continue reading

Climate and Hydrogen Could Drive Interesting Changes

The UK Government recently decided to ensure that larger companies report climate risk and will mandate climate risk disclosure in the next 5-years.“We’re announcing the UK’s intention to mandate... continue reading

AgFlow – Agricultural Data Aggregator Expanding Digital Platform

One very important requirement in commodity trading is, of course, market data. Last week, I was introduced to a market data provider on the Ags side of things called... continue reading

Geopolitical Risks Rise?

It is easy to focus on the myriad of issues for commodities presented by COVID-19, lockdowns, supply issues and demand changes and forget that geopolitical issues remain a huge... continue reading

FIS Energy & Commodities Delivering Containerized Version of Aligne and SaaS Version of XDM

Irina Reitgruber, Product Manager at FIS, told me that “cloud conversations are very active and that there has been a mind shift in the energy sector regarding cloud deployment... continue reading

FIS Sees Secure Cloud Delivery of CTRM and Risk analytics Offering Benefits

Like other vendors, FIS has been busy during this lockdown period, Ms. Irina Reitgruber, of FIS Energy & Commodities, told me last week during a catch up call. “We... continue reading

And It’s Only Monday!

Yesterday, I was posting stories about the Saudi decision to pump more oil and adjust its pricing. This morning, the price of oil had fallen by around 25% and... continue reading

How ETRM Got the RM bit…

Back in the late 90’s, the ETRM (and CTRM) software category didn’t actually exist. There were probably a few solutions around for oil trading and perhaps a few for... continue reading

Spreadsheets Revisited

At the ETEM conference last week, quite a lot of panel time was dedicated to a discussion of spreadsheets versus ETRM. To me, this is a long dead topic... continue reading

CTRM’s and Market Risk Management – ComRisk Panel

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday afternoon when I will be moderating what I expect to be an absolutely cracking panel discussion at ComRisk (5pm Tuesday). I will be... continue reading

FIS Leverages its Risk Capabilities

I spoke recently with Ms. Irina Reitgruber, Energy Product Manager for FIS, recently and caught up on a couple of initiatives FIS is engaged in on the energy side.... continue reading

The Year of Geopolitical Risk

The commodities business is risky enough but this year, it has gotten even riskier. BREXIT, Russian sanctions, renewal of Iranian sanctions, trade wars, Syria, Venezuela, and more. All of... continue reading

Britain’s Retail Energy Segment in Trouble?

An interesting article in Forbes draws attention to the British retail energy segment and the collapse of a 10th independent retailer (Our Power) within a 12-month period. The article... continue reading

Reducing complexity via targeted solutions – Drillinginfo’s Curvebuilder Lite

Recently, an email crossed my desk from Drillinginfo. The content was a two-page data sheet regarding a product called CurveBuilder Lite. Now, price curves and handling price data has... continue reading

SAP’s Commodity Management Forum

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the SAP Commodity Management Forum in Heidelberg, Germany with around 70 other attendees. I was keen to get an update on SAP’s... continue reading

TRADESPARENT Broadens its Scope

TRADESPARENT continues to grow and is expanding in the US and Asia, Norbert Verhagen told me in a recent catch up call. The company has just completed a rebranding... continue reading

DrillingInfo Quick to Leverage MarketView and Datagenic – Launches MarketView Curvebuilder

When Drillinginfo acquired Datagenic in October of last year, its CEO and President, Jeff Hughes, said “we’re acquiring DataGenic because of their unique ability to extract actionable intelligence from... continue reading