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SAP Commodity Management Gains Ground.

SAP acquired net new customers through 2020 in areas like mining, metals, oil & gas, automotive, consumer products and travel and transportation,” Harald Schlueter of SAP told me. “We experienced reasonable growth during the year and saw mainly smaller deals, adding around 25 or so new customers.”  It also had some key go lives, he told me, including a US oil refiner and an agricultural origination and trading firm. Additionally, co-innovation projects with three customers were ongoing during the year in ags and in oil & gas. Geographically, most of the activity was in north America and Europe. Harald also pointed to a recent Business Insider write up of its Phillips66 project that offered insights into their decision to select SAP and how the project had gone to date indicating that three of multiple phases have already been completed.

Harald also sees a lot of activity in the market particularly, in the last couple of months or so. Meanwhile, SAP has been busy working on delivering its roadmap seeing high demand already for the work it has delivered in the transportation side where SAP more tightly integrated the transportation management application to provide more detailed transport planning, for example. Between that and the analytics cloud, these have been, he says, some of the highlights of recent development however, the roadmap included many other items. “SAP has continuously enhanced its capabilities for automation of end-to-end processes including increased user experience through SAP FIORI Apps that allow end users to directly see their task at hand and work on them in an efficient manner,” he said.

Of course, there are still a lot of conversion projects with customers moving to SAP S/4HANA which is driving a lot of interest in replacing legacy CTRM applications with the SAP Commodity Management solution as a part of that process,” he told me.

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