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Thoughts on the Impacts of BREXIT by David Calmonson


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I was never inclined to write a blog on Brexit, but in a very short missive from Gary the other day, when I said I owed him a blog, ‘Brexit?’ was the one-word response!

There’s about a year to go before the UK leaves the European Union. We have made some excellent progress in our negotiations…. that’s what comes of having a strong and stable government.

Of course, if we (the great British public) had the other lot in power, we could form a new Soviet Union, although we would probably be a bit left wing for Russia.

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Am I reading the right website, I hear you ask? What on earth has all this got to do with CTRM? Actually, more than you may at first think. For example, we know the question of the Irish border is one that is a real Brexit challenge. Of course, this will affect how the SEM operates in the future. This in itself will presumably provide some issues for the ETRM systems that are handling Irish electricity products.  But what impact will it have on pan-European ETRM configuration as a whole, not to mention cross border trading and scheduling?

With regards to scheduling, presumably there will be a hard border, so power will be turned back unless it possesses the correct credentials. Maybe there will be storage facilities at the borders – large batteries / lakes where the power is detained until it has gone through the appropriate security and immigration procedures? Once it has been approved it will be at liberty to replace all the UK power at British factories and offices, presumably.

Of course it may be easier to be UK power after March 2019 as the power won’t have to pass all the banal health and safety rules and regulations so adored by Donald Tusk.

Incidentally, and PLEASE don’t be insulted if your first name is Donald, but I find it quite amazing that there are two Donald T’s that seem to be hell bent on making life difficult for at least half the world’s population! I wonder if it is in the name, although Donald Duck always seemed a very pleasant member of the Anatidae bird family.

Speaking of which, I remember many years ago coming across a gentleman whose name was Dick Mallard – I’m sure you can guess what a number of us called him! NB – Apologies to the Mr D Mallard who is registered on LinkedIn – you are not the gentleman to whom I am referring!! It was over 30 years ago anyway.

So back to the plot. Let’s say you are planning to trade UK Power on the APX. What happens on April 1st 2019 (no April fool jokes please – well OK, just one. My favourite, when I was a kid, was a piece of carrot or two in the goldfish bowl so it looked as though they’d bred in the night).

Let’s say UK Power Co places a sell. Will it be rejected due to the UK being outside the EU? What message will the ETRM send back to the trader? I guess it depends on the trading platform……..

Error 45 / A / W7777 – cannot accept trade

Error 48%TO52% – we’ve been waiting for years to reject your British power

Error 24JUNE16 – if the British are that stupid, why should we buy power off them?

Error 1975 – We should never have had to buy your British power in the first place

Error – NODEAL15BTTRTHNBaDDEAL – Your sell is approved as long as you pay 30 billion Euros for the privilege of doing a deal with me

Error – HENRYXIII – You can do a deal with me and you don’t need to get it confirmed by your manager

Error – LIBDEM2ndREF – You can do a deal but we may not like it and if we don’t we’ll ask for another deal until we get the one we want

Error – MSPsHAVENOSAYINDEAL – Specific message if deal is done by Scottish Power – as it seems they have none

Quiz Question: – What fish will be the next leader of the Scottish Nationalists? (and Farage is NOT a breed of fish) …..

Well, it’s not really very funny. I did vote, although with little conviction. I think my vote was for self-interest. Mind you, I guess most people vote most of the time for self-interest. I think it will take years to sort out and by the time it is, I won’t be able to take advantage of it / suffer the consequences too much. I doubt it will really affect our industry too much but I’m no expert.

Happy Easter everybody, and Hag Sameach / Happy Passover to all my co-religionists