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Allegro enjoys a successful 2016 despite a challenging market

I was in Dallas recently to meet with Allegro’s senior management team for a briefing on the company’s recent activities, their 2016 results and the outlook for the 2017. Reflecting on their 2016 results, Michael Hinton, Allegro’s chief customer officer & senior vice president of products and solutions, noted that... continue reading

Beacon – A cloud-based financial platform comprising trading and risk tools

Just before Christmas, I had a demonstration from a company called Beacon. The company was founded in early 2014 by Kirat Singh and Mark Higgins, both Technologists with a track record of delivering comprehensive trading technology platforms for banks like JPMorgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. Rather... continue reading

Attention Consultants and Integrators!

The list of consulting firms and Integrators offering services in and around CTRM software will be updated between now and mid-February. Please check to see if your listing is accurate or even included and get back to us with any changes or additions. You can find the publication here. For... continue reading

Happy New Year!

We wish all of our readers a Happy and prosperous New Year!... continue reading

Dycotrade Heads to the Cloud

A couple of days ago, I spoke with Mr. Arie Willem van der Plas, co-Managing Director at Dycotrade. Our conversation started by addressing the implications of announcement by Microsoft back in March this year regarding the availability of its next-generation cloud ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX, built on and for... continue reading

Run Santa Run….. Contigo’s Email Campaign is Fun

As many people know, I am a marketer at heart and I take a lot of interest in the different tactics used by software vendors in the market to promote their wares and how that is changing through time. I have written several blogs about use of multimedia, outbound versus... continue reading

A Trip To Heidelberg and the SAP Commodity Management Forum

Around 80 delegates attended the SAP Commodity Management Forum in Heidelberg a couple of weeks ago to network and to learn about developments. With over 100 licensed customers globally, SAP is moving ahead at a surprisingly rapid pace offering an ‘all in one’ solution that is strong in traditionally complex... continue reading

Agiboo’s Subscription Approach Brings Dividends

Back in June 2016, Agiboo made an announcement regarding making its Agiblocks CTRM solution available in the cloud on a subscription basis. ComTech blogged about this development and suggested that Agiboo was attempting to disrupt the CTRM software market place with this offer and we promised to follow developments closely.... continue reading

OpenLink is moving rapidly to the Cloud

I attended OpenLink’s 2016 Global Summit last week in New York City and had the privilege to visit with a number of OpenLink’s customers and executives as the company unveiled their new cloud strategy.  Though OpenLink has not yet publicly released their cloud solutions (and I can’t disclose many of... continue reading

Solving Risk Reporting Issues in Heterogeneous CTRM Environments

I had a fascinating call with TRADESPARENT last Friday. TRADESPARENT provides a platform-independent Risk Management Solution for commodity traders & processors that supports the analysis of commodity-related risk, margins and performance primarily in the ags and softs space. Norbert Verhagen (Managing Director) told me that it too is seeing an... continue reading

Contigo and Lacima partner on new enTrader Risk Module

A common criticism over the years of many commercially available ETRM solutions in the past has been that, while they may be strong on the transaction management side, they have often fallen a bit short on the risk management side and lack comprehensive and analytical tools. Contigo recently announced its... continue reading

CubeLogic Returns as an Independent Company

Four years after they were acquired by OpenLink, CubeLogic has returned to the market as an independent entity.  In speaking with OpenLink senior management about the divestment of CubeLogic, they indicated they made the move in order to focus more on their flagship products – which they believe is the... continue reading

Brady CAB Convenes in Stockholm: A Change in Strategy in the Offing?

I had never been to Stockholm or Sweden for that matter. So the invitation to speak at the Brady PLC CAB in Stockholm was something I was looking forward to. I was not disappointed. My topic was ‘CTRM in a Low Commodity Price environment’ and it seemed well received, essentially... continue reading

SAP Update: Rolling Out New Rural Sourcing Management Application

I recently took a briefing call from SAP speaking with the VP for Agribusiness and Commodity Management, Ms. Anja Strothkaemper. At the moment, SAP is busy implementing a number of SAP Commodity Management projects aiming to establish them as future reference accounts. SAP continues to see a strong customer demand... continue reading

Brady Sees 5% Revenue Growth in Tough Market

Highlights Brady PLC released its interim results for the 6-months through 30th June today. The company saw a slight increase in revenues up 5% to 14.758m GBP while cost cutting measures meant EBITDA was up 72% to 2.04m GBP for the same period. Brady reported 10 new license deals in... continue reading

Catching up with capSpire

Last week, I visited with Lance Laubach, CEO of capSpire, over a cup of coffee to catch-up on recent developments with his company and, more generally, get his views on the current state of the market for CTRM systems and services.  In summary, his take on the market does tend... continue reading

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