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Trader Profits – Driving Increased Expenditures on Technology?

It’s no secret that commodity traders have had back-to-back record years in terms of profits. According to Oliver Wyman, profits likely exceeded $100 billion in 2022, enabling commodity traders... continue reading

CubeLogic’s Trade Surveillance Solution Proves Popular

Over the last decade or so, regulatory risk has been a growing concern for those trading various types of commodities as a multitude of new regulations came into force... continue reading

Vendor Funding – The Ability to Innovate and Survive – Part 1

Over the last quarter century or so, as I have been directly involved in CTRM and related software, outside investment and M&A has been a consistent and ongoing theme.... continue reading

Brady’s CRisk and the CFO – Ensuring Effective Liquidity and Counterparty Credit Policies

When it comes to the various risks that a commodities-focused company must deal with, credit risk is likely an area that staff from several departments are involved with in... continue reading

VAKT Incorporates AI into its Tech Stack for Further Streamlining

VAKT sees AI within its platform as a potentially powerful tool that can help to further streamline business processes and workflows, particularly in handling barge nomination documents, inspection documents,... continue reading

North American Utilities Face Potential Credit Issues

2023/4 saw North American Utilities identified by several credit rating agencies as riskier with both Morningstar and Fitch citing credit metrics weakening on both rising CAPEX and regulatory lag.... continue reading

Gen10 Sees Strong Demand as it Nears 25 Years in the Business

Richard Williamson, CEO of Gen10, sees a very active market for CTRM and related software right now across most commodities and regions. “It’s a good mix of mid-sized and... continue reading

Molecule updates from founder and CEO Sameer Soleja

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Sameer Soleja, the Founder and CEO of Molecule, to get an update on Molecule’s key initiatives and his outlook on the... continue reading

Brady Veteran Relishes the evolution of ETRM implementation projects over the years.

Having spent almost 30-years in the energy and commodity trading software sector, I have seen many changes and have always emphasized the importance of history when looking at the... continue reading

Quantifi Adding Energy & Commodity Customers

Quantifi has a 22-year history providing risk, analytics, and trading solutions to capital markets. Around 12-years ago, it extended that offering into commodity markets and has since experienced strong... continue reading

Security Built in from Day One at VAKT

These days, security of data – particularly digital data – is a key concern. As many adopt SaaS solutions in the cloud and applications are often hosted outside of... continue reading

CubeLogic Targets Smaller Energy & Commodities Firms with CreditExpress

CubeLogic is not just about supplying larger entities in energy & commodities with credit, market and regulatory risk solutions. It also sees an increasing need for smaller and mid-size... continue reading

Quor Eka Sees Grains Market Opportunity

The grains market is very dynamic, according to Quor Eka’s Francisco Navarro, who sees some global trends impacting the market. While the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war can still have considerable... continue reading

FIS sees momentum for Market Data Analyzer – Energy Edition

Data management is increasingly critical for energy and commodities companies as the datasets they must handle are expanding rapidly. Recently, I engaged in a discussion with Harshad Kolpyakwar, Head... continue reading

Agiboo – Post Acquisition – is Thriving

It’s been 90-days or so since Agiboo announced that it had been acquired by Cultura Technology and Jan van den Brom, Agiboo CEO, is happy with how things have... continue reading

Unique Footprint Differentiates Topaz

Topaz is having a busy time, according to Jon Fox, CEO. “It’s been a very interesting few months with some new customers coming on board and several others on... continue reading

Why Brady sees Igloo as an ideal solution for PPA valuation

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are structures that can help to provide innovative financing and help speed up the development of renewable energy and other projects. In increasing use, they... continue reading

Spire Satellites Bring Weather and Other Data to Commodity Players.

One area that is changing massively in commodities and generally is access to data. The amount and types of data accessible are expanding at prolific rates and managing that... continue reading

VAKT’s vSure Benefits its Users

The VAKT initiative was started in 2018 by a group of oil majors, traders, and trade finance providers who desired to try to solve a problem through collective action.... continue reading

Energy One Positions as a One-Stop shop for Energy

Energy One had been actively making acquisitions – particularly in Europe, for a period of time and has since been focused on leveraging those acquisitions and building up a... continue reading

Enuit Targets India as Next Big CTRM Market

Enuit has always been a vendor that sought out new markets and does have established presence in North America, Europe, Singapore, Mainland China, Japan and is now setting its... continue reading