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A New Vendor is Born – Quor Group

A press announcement late yesterday saw STG (Symphony Technology Group) announce Quor Group – a rebranded Brady Commodities that had previously been spun off and acquired by STG. It also saw the launch of an all new website from the vendor complete with an all new look and brand promise. It says, “at Quor Group our expertise lies in solving commodity trade and management lifecycle challenges across trading, risk, logistics and inventory with both financial and physical commodities.  We are known for our best in class products Fintrade and Trinity. Quor can improve financial trading and risk management, physical trading, trading and trade operations, cash flow management, inventory management, logistics management, and trade finance across metals, concentrates, scrap and bulk commodities.” Tasja Botha will steer the new vendor as CEO with a strong team of industry experts around her including CTRM Thought Leader – Harry Knot as Chief Business Architect.

“One of the key strengths of QUOR group is the depth of experience of its subject matter experts,” said Tasja Botha in the press announcement. “The team consists of professionals with decades of experience in trading, risk & commodity management, and software development. Their extensive knowledge of the industry has allowed us to evolve our rich IP across both the physical and financial commodity markets”

I will be talking in depth with Tasja later this week and writing a follow up piece here on this blog. We also have a Q&A being readied with her for Interview Corner. Quor Group has acquired a position of strength in the metals side of commodities via the software products that it markets. Now we will see how it intends to re-invigorate these products and what its strategies will be to grow down the line. I’m looking forward to the discussion.

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