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Amphora Readies Major New Upgrade

Amphora is readying a major new release in v3.7.0, David Glasspool told me last week. “Development and QA are now complete and it’s rolling out to the first client next month and then a full roll-out,” he told me. “We also should have most  of our clients on this new release by year-end.” He said that while this had taken some time to achieve, the benefits for everyone involved were substantial making everything much simpler and faster to do including more frequent upgrades. Much of the new release is targeting performance and ease of use improvements, he reports, but it also includes several functional improvements including simplifying scheduling physical commodity into tanks, LNG enhancements and new reports. Amphora, he says, is making real positive progress in terms of its release strategy, issue resolution and so on.

Meanwhile, the company is still growing and hiring new developers to cope with its workload. It had two customers go live in the last couple of months with another very large customer implementing and going live early next year. Additionally, customers are increasing their usage of the solution adding seats while the pipeline remains full. He describes the market as active, as do most other vendors now.

Amphora is also busy writing useful newsletters, David told me. The idea is that during the course of any sales process, lots of questions naturally emerge about everything from testing and support to demonstrations and more. So, David has been picking up on many of these questions and setting down newsletter articles around them that draw upon Amphora’s more than 25-year history in developing and delivering CTRM solutions. These are then placed on the website where they can be referenced over and over again by customers and prospects as needed. Check Amphora’s website for the back catalogue.

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