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Amphora’s Record Year Continues

Amphora’s year continues to go well as it has signed new clients in Dubai and China in the last month bringing its record year closings to a total of seven. David Glasspool tells me it is even possible that the number could be exceeded prior to year-end. These deals were mostly in the oil and petrochemical space, but David sees quite a lot of interest in the current pipeline in ags and softs as well. He expects Q1 2023 to be extremely busy. Amphora’s concentrates solution, Alchemy, is also expected to go live early in the new year as well meaning that it will move into marketing mode with that software product next year. With a busy year extending into the foreseeable future, it has also been recruiting adding staff in both Dubai and London.

One area that David has spent a lot of time on was in developing a series of formal training courses. These modular courses (five in total) are fully certified by CPD offering participants full credit for learning about the Amphora solution. Initially, the training comprises introductory level material but will be extended next year to incorporate more advanced classes as well. The courses are useful during implementation allowing different types of users to train on just the modules that they need to work with the system. However, David is also excited about how the training can be used at existing customers as well. “Quite often, people move on, new staff are hired and so on and so there is a temptation to try to muddle through and learn how to use the software on the job. These courses now mean that new users can be trained efficiently and rapidly to get the most from the software. That helps the client, but it also helps us ensure our users are satisfied,” he told me.

David was also quite keen to explain the level of effort put into creating the courses which comprise power points vetted by the certifying body, detailed instructor notes around objectives and resources, user guides and exercises that the participants can use to ensure that they have understood the content and can put it into practice. “The user guides are also extremely useful to the users,” he said.

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Amphora appears to be steadily gaining ground improving its brand awareness more than 30% in our newest vendor perception study out soon. Furthermore, it appears to have strengthened its market leadership perception in areas like bulk commodities, oil, and petrochemicals and so on. Overall, it seems the last two years have been good for the vendor.