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An Introduction to EGSSIS

While we track over 100 vendors in the CTRM and related space, we still frequently happen upon other vendors. Recently, for example, we heard of EGSSIS and saw its stand at E-World. EGSSIS has actually been around since 2008 delivering solutions for market access, communication and dispatching and now has over 30 customers including shippers, traders and industrials. Based in Belgium, EGSSIS provides solutions in both gas and power markets in Europe. On the gas side, it is active with nominations, balancing, capacity bookings and trading while on the power side, it is involved in market communications towards the TSO.

I had the opportunity to talk with Jean-Pierre van de Loo of EGSSIS recently to find out more about the business. It provides egssPort Gas and egssPort Power software to deliver market access services along with Cosmos for market communication in gas and power. Interestingly, it both offers the software (as SaaS) and provides operational service utilizing that software for customers. Here, it can perform services such as nomination and balancing of gas and power grids, including handling of gas storages and LNG terminals, capacity bookings across Europe. For example, using the gas capacity trading platform PRISMA, hub trading based on picking list or merit order list, forecasting end users whether short term, intraday or both and balancing actions based on the customer’s merit order and instruction list. It is active in western and central Europe as well as Iberian markets.

The company already has quite an impressive customer list that includes Statoil, Edison, Gulf and many others according to its website. Interestingly, it serves in what is quite a competitive market for European gas and power scheduling and related software, but has managed to gain a significant foothold already. It is also a certified Trading Agent on ICE ENDEX and PEGAS and acts on behalf of its customers on those venues. We look forward to hearing more from EGSSIS now that we have initiated coverage.

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