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Artis.Works Collaborative Valuation Platform Finding Success

It’s been some time since I spoke with Sebastian Ferraccu at Artis.Works. He had set up Artis.Works a couple of years or so ago to develop a fully integrated tool with access to exchanges & brokers, with the ability to share data seamlessly across the organisation. He wanted to show me the software and walk me through its status. Finally, he told me, his vision was gaining ground. “It’s been a mountainous undertaking,” he said, “but everything is now coming to fruition.  We have managed to change the workflow of the commodities market.” Basically, the vendor has managed to sign up several brokers – including the largest oil broker – to use the solution along with users from global oil majores, traders and market makers globally. On the back of that, the company has grown to around 20 staff and continues to expand.

Mr. Sebastian Ferraccu, CEO and Co-Founder.

With brokers now using Artis, traders have instant access to up to the minute prices and data to both internal and external sources.  The brokers can surface their live data via the application and to customers permissioned to access that data. Users have access to complete real-time curves fully integrated to their screen, improving overall efficiency whilst importantly continuing the conversation with the broker. This includes cracks and differentials, spreads, flat prices, physical diffs and freight. Users have instantaneous access to an increasingly broad range of price curves for different products, tenors and from different sources at their fingertips in real-time. This, of course, removes the need to manually add data or upload from spreadsheets meaning time savings and less chance of error.

Being accessible from any device including a mobile phone, users always have ready access. The solution currently covers oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, freight, coal, emissions, renewables, ags, biofuels, FX, and in house fundamental forecasts. Featuring APIs to allow capture of data via the APIs, Sebastian says that they can basically provide a login and the customer is ready to go over the cloud. From basic set up, users can then create their own curves in seconds and access current data. Artis offers a two-week trial of the product, he told me.

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