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Brady Technologies’ Power and Risk Focus Paying Off

Craig Vintcent, CRO at Brady Technologies, says that it has a 100% focus on making sure that it is offering a world class power and credit software portfolio. That this focus is turning to new business for Brady is perhaps not surprising as it has signed seven new name customers so far this year with an eighth about to be concluded, he told me. The new deals are apparently across its entire range of software including a couple for CRisk (credit risk), Igloo, PowerDesk, and Energy Data Manager (EDM). Furthermore, interest levels are ‘remarkably high,’ he told me. “We did fifty demos at E-world alone this year!” he said. Of note is that PowerDesk, a new software product, which had gone live initially with Agder Energi, a customer in Norway, has apparently gained a second customer that will use it to trade in the GB power market.

Craig sees a great deal of potential for PowerDesk. “In the Nordics, we have built the solution on top of EDM, and we have already addressed the regulatory changes in those markets, including a move to 15-minute increments,” he told me. The core part of PowerDesk is available now and both the Activate and Edge components are in progress. “We showed the Edge component (Algo trading) in Proof-of-Concept mode at E-world, and it went down very well,” he said. Meanwhile, Igloo, a SaaS mid-market ETRM product, continues to do well and be worked on and integrated into the overall product set. All the solutions are being more integrated into a services architecture, he said.

Another area where Brady has recent success is in the credit area with CRisk. “We have had significant success against competitors there and we will be making some announcements in the coming weeks around credit.” Current market conditions are driving greater focus in on credit risk now, it seems.

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With its huge booth at E-World, divestment of the commodities side and backing by Hanover, Brady Technologies is gaining fresh momentum in the European power markets. We will follow its progress with interest.