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Cadran and Arantys Making Progress in Volatile Markets

At the very end of 2022, I spoke with Sjors Oosterwaal of Cadran to catch up on its activities. Cadran is an Oracle Platinum Business Partner and reseller, and its ERP portfolio consists of Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Cloud and Oracle Netsuite and it has also developed a JD Edwards CTRM module called Arantys especially for commodity traders. It has customers in North America and Europe for this product already and has just completed a five-year global roll-out with one of its customers.

Sjors told me that Cadran is also seeing a lot of interest and is also talking with quite a few businesses looking to escape from older legacy solutions and modernize their platforms, but he described discussions as often quite ‘lengthy.’ On the replacement side, he sees lots of smaller traders being pushed into newer and better solutions due to legislation and the push from stakeholders like bankers.

He also sees some new opportunities emerging in the market where traditional manufacturing companies are getting more involved in trading commodities as a business. “We have seen quite a few companies changing their business models from being a traditional manufacturer that is production driven to more of a trader in physical commodities,” he told me. This seems to have a lot to do with volatilities and rising energy costs meaning they need to do more hedging anyway. “Whereas previously they could cope with such volatilities by simply agreeing fixed prices, they have now been forced into different contractual structures and they are having to do more paper trades so they may as well become physical traders as well.” He says that Cadran is currently negotiating with several prospective new customers because of these sorts of trends and although sales cycles are very slow, these should happen soon.

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Cadran has also been investing in its product and in the UI. The software has lots of functionality and features so improving the user experience has recently taken priority when it comes to the software, he told me. The next release coming this month will have an entirely new GUI to give users easier and simplified access. “We have had really good feedback from users on the new GUI,” he said.