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CTRM Cubed – Instant CTRM in the Cloud – Finding Traction

Last week, I caught up with Simon Piercy, CEO and founder of CTRMCubed. CTRMCubed is a multi-tenanted, instant CTRM solution that is attracting early adopters. Targeted at smaller trading firms, start-ups, and regional offices of larger traders, the vendor offers a low cost and instant solution. Part of the CTRMCubed concept is that of an ecosystem of partner solutions that can be downloaded and will run with its own app. By design, the CTRMCubed app isn’t trying to cover all of the potential functionality of a traditional E/CTRM but rather stay focused. However, with an app store and ecosystem of partners, users can have access to much more functionality. “We have been seeing a lot of interest particularly from partners that could have compatible apps in the app store,” he told me. “Interestingly, this interest is not only generating some projects with partners, but these partners are also recommending our app to their customers. So, it’s been very busy recently.”

Another key concept behind CTRMCubed, is ease of use and an ability to be up and running in 5 minutes. It really is easy to get started as I tried it. Within 5 minutes, I had myself a trade capture and position keeping solution pre-configured for basic European power complete with a personalized dashboard. “It is really ‘click and go’,” Simon told me. “We have 10,000 data items pre-configured and a maximum 5 minute set up.”

Since we last spoke with CTRMCubed, Simon and team have been busy. They have added all of the features that you might expect of a cloud-based, subscription solution. Things like back-up and recovery that can be run manually or scheduled. Valuation can be set up in the same way as well and users can set up multiple environments like live, test, demo and training, for example. It has also added webservices and webhooks. Webservices can be defined and set up as part of the ‘action’ button on the screen. Simon’s example was notification to Exelon which appeared as a menu item in a drop down list for the action button. Webhooks are similar but are automated services to perform an action. CTRMCubed also utilizes cubes – as the name suggests. These can be configured and set up by the user and then applied to the dashboard.

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From our perspective, this looks exactly like a useful tool for one person or smaller trading firms, regional or local offices of larger firms and start-ups wanting to avoid spreadsheets from day one. This is exactly the market Simon is targeting and as a low cost, instantly on, service, it seems both available and convenient. Simon is confident that CTRMCubed will add users through time and also comfortable that additional features and functions will be added through time – either directly or via an app in the app store. Meanwhile, you can get a free trial and Simon is keen to have people look it over.