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CTRM Software – An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market

We have a new book out. Titled CTRM Software – An Analyst View of a Dynamic Software Market, it is the product of Patrick and I’s combined 40 plus years experience in the world of CTRM software. It was kindly sponsored by Amphora and Enuit – and our thanks to them for that support. However, the contents of the body of the book is all our work – partly material already published here and there combined with new material. The sponsors get a chapter each in the Appendix of the book and their logos on the cover in return for their support.


AdvertisingComTech book

The ultimate guide to Commodity Trading & Risk Management Software written and compiled by the leading analysts in the space – Patrick Reames and Dr. Gary M. Vasey who used their 20 plus years of following this software category to compile this guide. What is CTRM software? How is it used? Who uses it and why? What is the future of CTRM software and much more.

If you are a buyer, user, consultant and vendor in the space, this book is essential reading. It will guide you through the definition of the software category, its origins, history and evolution and much more.

We do hope the book will provide newcomers and veterans of the industry some food for thought ….. and that those who read it find it of value. Currently, the Kindle version is available and shortly, the paperback and hardback versions will also become available.