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Energy One Europe Looking to E-World

Energy One Europe is looking forward to E-World in June. Simon Wheeler, CEO, says it is one of the current foci for his staffs as they get ready to roll out the consolidated Energy One branded booth with Contigo, eZ-nergy and EGSSIS all exhibiting together. He also noted that his diary was filling up rapidly with meetings at the event which takes place in late June. However, he described all business units as ‘flat out’ in terms of responding to demand in the market even before this important tradeshow. “Contigo has won three new clients to the end of May while eZ-nergy and EGSSIS continue to sign new customers,” he told me. One of the new Contigo customers is European and the other two based in the UK, he explained. He said demand for the VaR module was good among current clients and that interest in enFlow is strong also.

There are also some management changes to go along with the brand consolidation. Simon has the role of CEO for Energy One Europe stepping up from heading up Contigo. In that role he says he will be looking to develop the services offering as well as coordinate across the businesses. Meanwhile, Contigo will have a new CEO in Sunny Tiwana, formerly CIO for Contigo and the eZ-nergy/EGSSIS side of the business will be headed by CEO, Johann Zamboni.

Contigo is seeing a lot of RFP’s and inbound inquiries and a fair proportion are coming from sizeable European entities, he told me. “We are seeing a lot more interest in replacing older legacy or homegrown solutions right now,” he said. “A replacement market is happening.” As a result, the company is still recruiting looking to fill several open positions across sales, development, Q&A, and operations.

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