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EnPaas Targets Energy Suppliers and Others with SaaS and Manages Services

EnPaas (Energy platform as a service) began in 2015, according to its website, “with a group of energy veterans who recognized that the energy industry was not keeping pace with fast changes in technology and regulations.” Enpaas is the technology arm of Pozitive Group, which has helped to grow Pozitive Energy in the non-domestic segment. The technology platform has also been made available to others using a SaaS or managed service model. EnPaas has now gone to market with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and end-to-end managed services for gas and power suppliers, meter agents, and energy broker / third-party intermediaries (TPIs).

Although it started targeting power and gas, it has also now evolved into other areas such as water, telecom, payments, and other areas, I was told. “For energy suppliers, we have a complete end-to-end solution and managed services,” CEO, Chetna Bhatia, said. It has also been deployed for another big supplier for their export meter data management. The solution set also includes a lightweight ETRM, gas shipping and much more. “The ETRM is a bit like an autotrader and the system will automatically trade with counterparties after identifying optimal trades based on required strategy,” she said.

According to Chetna, the solution is ideal for start-ups and has a rapid implementation time of around a week. As the company’s website states, “with managed services, you no longer have to worry about your data, hardware, software, infrastructure, and resources.” After selecting the functional area or service required, EnPaas deploys the platform and assigns a team to manage the services. EnPaas is yet another example of the combination of software and managed services emerging in the commodities space and we do expect this sort of combination to show growth in the coming years.

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