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Enuit looking to NAM power markets for additional growth

I recently caught up with Seenu Kaliamurthy, Enuit’s Managing Director of Power Solutions to discuss the company’s efforts in the US power markets.

Perhaps most interesting, Enuit will release Deka Watt, a new product, in Q1/Q2-2024 that will focus on managing FTRs (also known as CRRs/TCCs) trading in all North American power markets.  Experience has shown that tracking/managing FTR’s is problematic for most ETRM products and given that market is one of the most actively traded power products by a large number of trading shops (not just power producers), there clearly is a demand for such a solution.

The new product will be fully cloud-based and will leverage big data technologies to capture and parse the massive amounts of ISO/RTO data that are pertinent to the calculation of FTR/CRR values.  Interestingly, in addition to being fully integrated with their flagship ETRM Entrade, Enuit will also offer the cloud-based solution as a standalone product which can be integrated with all ETRM solutions.

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Being cloud-native, the solution will take advantage of the processing scalability of the cloud to pre-calculate the ISO/RTO data to improve efficiency and provide the ability to process and report tens of thousands of awards for any customer of system.

In their core product Entrade, Enuit is also spending considerable effort to update the user interface by simplifying and incorporating automation to improve workflow where appropriate. They are also continuing to enhance the system’s core power functionality, including the incorporation of heat rate options and increasing the granularity of forward curves down to the hourly level by leveraging improved processing efficiencies.

In other areas of his purview, they have built out functionality for environmental markets including additional coverage for biofuels, and to provide coverage for all compliance and voluntary markets. In the area of environmentals, he notes he feels they are “100% complete in terms of functionality and with the UI updates we’re making, we will definitely be the best-of-breed solution for those markets.”