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Enverus – A New Name in Energy Data, Information and Insights

Over the last few years, ComTech has watched as DrillingInfo made a series of strategic acquisitions namely those of Datagenic, MarketView and several others to transform itself from an upstream-focused firm to a potential powerhouse across the energy industry with a strong focus on energy trading and risk management. It came as no surprise to us therefore to see today’s rebranding announcement in which the company will be known as Enverus. The announcement states that the rebranding marks “both the company’s 20th anniversary and surpassing $300 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), the new name and brand better reflects the company’s identity as a leading data, analytics, and efficiency partner across the energy sector.

Jeff Hughes, CEO and President stated that, “The vision was always to build a company that created uniquely valuable data through active connections between businesses in the energy industry. We now operate the largest such system of active networks that has ever existed, and it is growing rapidly. The data analytics that result from this historically unique graph of energy industry participants are unprecedented, and it will create value for our customers that could never be provided any other way. This is an example of how our capabilities have expanded so much since our founding and we came to believe that our name no longer reflected our reach, so it was time to modernize the brand.”

Of special note to those in the energy trading and risk side of the industry, Enverus Trading and Risk, is the name of the division that is focused on the industry with a  combination of data management, visualization and information tools targeted specifically to the industry.

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The announcement can be found here.