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Exciting Days at Amphora!

Amphora is readying Alchemy, it’s all new concentrates and ores CTRM solution, for the market and the first go-live client with the software should happen in late Spring/early Summer, according to David Glasspool of Amphora. In fact, it has been quite busy on the new initiative front altogether as it will also release its new Clarity risk platform later this year and possibly also its Harmony carbon platform prior to year-end. “We invest everything back into our development area,” he told me. “In recent years, we have been profitable and basically pushed that profit back into the business via product innovation and enhancements.”

In fact, David sees this as one of Amphora’s key differentiators in the marketplace along with things like its 25-year longevity, radar focus on the CTRM space, user friendliness of its software that now comes with open API’s and a set up ability to add new commodities rather than requiring coding as well as its expertise in the space. As a part of the re-investment, it has added development resources and is now growing an extensive group on London to join its Indian developers.

Meanwhile, David sees an active market and a lot of opportunities that now circumvent the RFP process. “More and more, we simply get inquiries and demo requests that often turn into business,” he said. Apparently, these are often smaller opportunities – say 10 or so seats – but Amphora can now bid into opportunities as low as 5 seats as it has honed its implementation and costs down significantly. While welcoming these opportunities, David does see the value of going through a longer RFP process in terms of managing expectations better with clients.

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Mostly, David seems thrilled to be working for a dynamic vendor. “It’s been great working in a profitable and debt-free environment that has a focus on its software,” he said. As it rolls out these new platforms, things may just get a lot busier for David and his team!