eZ-nergy Goes Intraday

I spoke to Johann Zamboni, CEO of eZ-nergy last week as a follow up to E-World. eZ-nergy is a supplier of European logistics and scheduling software and services for power and gas. It had been presenting new functionality in its eZ-Operations software including balancing map, automated trading, generation scheduling and extended nomination functionalities, at E-World. It has also recently announced some rather innovative enhancements around intraday trading as well.

According to Mr. Zamboni, “The eZ-Operations platform handles balancing (position monitoring and management) and automated nominations for gas and power all over Europe. This was the first steps for us. Delivering the basics. Now however,  we have implemented significantly enhanced functionalities to enable customers to automatically balance their position based on price/volume strategies.”

This functionality includes;

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  • Day-ahead position calculated on the basis of data fetched from external systems such as hedges (ETRM) and consumption and/or production forecasts brought from forecast or optimisation systems,
  • That Day-ahead position can then be automatically sold or bought on the exchange via automated day-ahead trading functionalities (using exchange APIs),
  • Market results are also automatically integrated as deals and can be communicated back to any ETRM,
  • During Intraday, the system receives position updates such as new wind/solar forecast, assets unplanned outage, consumption adjustment… as frequently as necessary,
  • Intraday recomputed positions will then directly face intraday market offers (volume and price) with for instance automated selection of tradable volumes according to strategy.

“This new functionality enables traders to use a single platform to handle positions on exchange and to automate actions based on a strategy that can be for instance, at any price, with price limits, with positive P&L compared to a reference,” he told me. “These actions can be either manual or automated, as those processes can be quite standard and frequent in a daily strategy. Of course, each time new deals are executed, the nomination module enables users to automatically nominate its positions in due time, including generation assets re-scheduling; taking into account rescheduling constraints (Gate Closure Time for instance). The fact that our solution is fully API-based makes it also easy for users to integrate our solution directly in their own development environment, in their bespoke solutions. It makes it possible for them to get more specific in their usage of our functionalities.”

Currently, eZ-nergy is fully set up with EPEX as an ISV (https://www.epexspot.com/en/membership/list_isv) for both day-ahead and intraday markets on read & write mode. As of writing, it is the only scheduling/logistics software supplier on that list to be qualified for both R&W modes.

It is also currently working on integrating the Nordpool API and to go on with gas exchange afterwards (Powernext PEGAS). We will stay abreast of developments at eZ-nergy in the coming months.

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