eZ-nergy on a Roll

eZ-nergy provides auto trading, nominations and balancing software solutions and services for European power and gas companies. I spoke with Johann Zamboni, co-founder and CEO, recently to get an update on the vendor and its activities. Apparently, 2018 has proven to be an interesting year for the company as it gained customers in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, and Germany, I was told, and experienced a 25% increase in its customer count.  Market drivers such as the move to 15-minute balancing, new messaging formats and the entry of new players in those markets who are generally smaller, has helped eZ-nergy grow.

eZ-nergy’s web-enabled solutions are focused on enabling market participants for power and gas to handle the day ahead and intraday markets, in particular, I was told. In the last couple of years, eZ-nergy has been focused on its autotrading capabilities that include the eZ-Ops Autotrading module. This allows users to roll out highly flexible trading strategies in both European power and gas markets including the ability to define volumes to trade, settable price limits and how ability to interact with a live volatile market.  It comes with a set of pre-defined algorithms that includes eZ-Close (Close opened positions), eZ-Flex (Optimal use of flexibility) and eZ-Gen (Optimise production schedules including ramping periods).

These solutions are part of the eZ-Ops European energy markets logistics and automated trading suite that also includes balancing, nominations and scheduling. eZ-nergy also offers a BPO service to customers using their market access and its own software. Mr. Zamboni reckons their business is about a 70:30 split between selling their software as a service and providing BPO services.

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Mr. Zamboni believes that part of their success is down to “the plug and play” set-up of their services and the innovative User Interface that their software has. “GUI is very important in real-time as are integration and automation so that all aspects of the operations can be taken care of,” he told me.

Despite its success, the market for European power and gas logistics is quite crowded with vendors like Brady, GMSL, and Powel offering solutions along with newer or more regional players such as Contigo, EGSSIS and others. The intraday autotrading software market has also exploded with solutions from Visotech, Likron, Procom, FIS, Powel and others. However, where eZ-nergy appears to be different is in offering an integrated and automated solution suite that covers both aspects. Something that to our knowledge, only Powel come close to as a competitor. Despite that, it is probably a truism that the largest competition is internally developed software solutions. By offering an integrated cloud-based suite, eZ-nergy can potentially offers a compelling cost-effective alternative to homegrown solutions in such cases.





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