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Fendahl Sees a Very Active Market for CTRM

Fendhal’s Henry Thornalley says that while it is still a very busy market for CTRM software, most inquiries at Fendahl are now originating from within Europe. He expects to close a couple of these opportunities in Europe including in the oil space in the coming weeks. The European opportunities are mostly small to medium-sized businesses, but there are some larger opportunities out there too, he says. While Fendahl has already had success this year signing new customers, it remains hard to get press announcements out, he said, although he does expect an official announcement for one new customer soon. Among the new deals signed in 2022 were a number of smaller coal ETRM deals in Europe and South Africa.

Fendahl is also quite busy in the US, but Henry says that there is also some indecision in that market holding up certain projects and software deals. There, he expects to announce a new customer and replace a competing solution soon. He still sees several smaller deals in the Asia-Pacific region as well. One area of interest seems to be to obtain chartering functionality within a CTRM solution and this is an area where Fendahl feel they have an advantage. Henry pointed out that this is one of the first areas it has featured in depth on its new website.

Fendahl has also had success in North American natural gas markets, and it hopes to expand that success with a couple more customers soon. The North American gas market is a tough market to enter so Fendahl is hoping that with successful implementations behind it, it can continue to grow a presence in that market.

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