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FIS Energy & Commodities Partnering for Success

FIS Energy & Commodities has been working on several partnering relationships recently, both in functional areas like North American crude oil with Egistix, and in US natural gas scheduling with Enercross’ NatGasHub product, and on the implementation side with its XDM software with an implementation partner. These relationships are seeing success says Irina Reitgruber, Director Energy Solutions at FIS. “We are the first ETRM vendor to provide API-based integration to NatGasHub,” Irina said.  “NatGasHub is a very well known solution on the US market and it is used by many ETRM systems but without API-based integration.”

She told me that FIS is hoping to close a couple of new deals by end of year and is seeing a lot of activity and interest especially in the US. While the Egistix partnership has been announced and reviewed by ComTech, the others have not yet been formally announced but will be soon. In terms of the relationship with Nat Gas Hub, Irina said that it had been well received by the user community and it was working already with the first customer using the integrated solution.

FIS is also busy adding functionality for US RECS, which Irina described as ‘complicated.’ It also working on additional NGL coverage though it has recently gained a customer for NGL use. It has also developed a roadmap for further work in the PPA area but again already has customers using it for PPA support. While FIS is very busy in the US, Irina also said that activity in Europe was picking up as well.

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Adopting partnering strategies is always a useful way to go to market especially if the parties involved are keen to work that relationship. Having talked to FIS extensively about the Egistix partnering, that certainly seemed to be the case. In an era where there is significant talk and action around building ecosystems of solutions, partnering between vendors aids with interfacing and integration and allows buyers to benefit via pre-configuration and vendor cooperation in building a more ecosystem approach to solving business problems.