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FIS Sees Secure Cloud Delivery of CTRM and Risk analytics Offering Benefits

Like other vendors, FIS has been busy during this lockdown period, Ms. Irina Reitgruber, of FIS Energy & Commodities, told me last week during a catch up call. “We have seen many people looking for solutions and have been busy doing demos and following up with sales pipeline opportunities,” she said. “In fact, we fully expect to close a couple of new sales in Q2.” Irina sees quite a lot of interest in areas like risk management and from the financial side with “asian banks very active,” as well as activity in and around power & gas. “It certainly has been much better than expected,” she told me. “However, we have also seen some large customers start to review expenditures, prioritize and delay projects. It would be unrealistic to say that some discretionary spend will not be delayed.”

Irina certainly sees digitalization as a current driver of activity that has been accentuated by the lockdown and move to work from home. “FIS, of course, has a very strong cloud strategy,” she said. In fact, FIS provides all shades of cloud services including energy portfolio management solution as SaaS, risk as a service, the subject of a recent ComTech white paper. It can provide managed services at multiple levels according to agreed service level agreements with the guarantee of financial sector security levels, she told me. FIS also has significant expertise in the commodities sector and other asset classes, and a high-end risk application in the form of Adaptiv. This allows FIS to leverage its managed services experience to save costs for clients while delivering complex risk calculations via a service-based architecture as risk as a service.

She also explained how FIS can provide cloud-based solutions on both public and so- called hybrid cloud, where it uses its own monitoring and security tools on the top of FIS managed public cloud. These tools allow more efficient and automated monitoring of all the processes and provide top security level to protect from cyber-attacks. “FIS is already a proven and trusted provider of managed services and as such, it already has the infrastructure, security, internal processes and service level agreements in place”. The move to work at home in particular is driving increased interest in high availability cloud delivery of CTRM.

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