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ION Closes Multiple Deals

Many of the vendors in the CTRM and CM software space use LinkedIn for product marketing. Recently, I noted some short announcements there by ION Commodities and so I followed up and talked briefly with Yags Savania, head of EMEA sales at ION. All in all, it seems that ION is quite active and closing deals. One recent official announcement over the wires is just the tip of the iceberg. That announcement confirmed that Linetrale LLC had selected ION’s commodities trading and risk management solution Aspect. “With Aspect’s market coverage, Linetrale LLC will be empowered to achieve its goal of becoming a global supplier of liquified natural gas (LNG),” the announcement stated.

Posted on LinkedIn there have been several other announcements including that UK-based Hyphen Trading Ltd had also selected Aspect – ION’s SaaS CTRM – to manage its Base Metals trade and risk management. Additionally, CORAL ENERGY, the international commodity trading group, had deployed Aspect as one of its key technology solutions for its global operations. However, in talking with Yags Savania at ION, it seems that ION has signed several other deals so far this year across ION’s CTRM portfolio. These, he told me, included a gasification terminal and natural gas pipeline operator in the USA, a state-owned energy producer in eastern Europe, an electricity retailer in Japan and an organic waste management operator in North America, among others.

ION is plainly enjoying some success globally in the energy and commodities space in terms of new customer sales and Aspect continues to be a highly successful software product for ION as well. “As you can see, ION Commodities is very much active across all regions and market segments of the complete energy and commodity supply chain,” Yags told me. We hope to learn more in the coming months as we talk with Yags and his colleagues about a variety of different topics.

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