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iRely Expands on Back of Product Investment

iRely has been quietly building its market presence with several new customer wins so far this year according to George Olney, President. “We closed a couple of significant petroleum deals and also an agricultural company in Canada. We have a couple of good wins in the hopper and a really good pipeline and are in a position to blow out our budget this year,” he said. The ags deal was a pure grains trader in Canada that had tried to implement two other commercial solutions and failed to replace its spreadsheets before successfully implementing i21.

All of this activity has meant an increase in staffing. “We have added project managers, more marketing staff, a global head of support and several more positions to date,” George told us. The company is poised to expand and succeed in its markets after rewriting its i21 product and has been investing back into the software and staff in order to expand. We were left in no doubt that iRely will be increasingly visible and focused going forward as it sees a number of opportunities for commodity management software like i21 going forward.

iRely is well-known in softs like coffee, cocoa, tea and spices but also targets the petroleum business, agricultural commodities, food and beverage and other commodity-intensive industries with its i21 commodity management software. “I21 incorporates ERP and CTRM functionality in a single platform. It covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Order to Cash Cycle, Procure to Pay Cycle, Trading and Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Financials, Business Intelligence, Web Portal, Customer Support and more,” George told us.

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I21 is one solution, operating in real time, built on a modern technology stack, spanning front and back office functions and available anywhere an internet connection exists to provide our customers a holistic view of their business and the opportunity to increase profits and customer satisfaction,” he said. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana and with offices in New Jersey, Texas, Washington, London (United Kingdom), Bangalore (India) and Makati City (Philippines), iRely certainly has a global presence. It is also privately (not by private equity) held, “debt-free and we have a long-term ownership plan, meaning we’ll be here for decades to come. We’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way. We invest in engineering, research, customer support and great design.”

We will be following iRely’s progress in the coming months.